2getheraudio – Synths-Plugins Bundle 2021.9 STANDALONE, VST, AAX x64 (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer)

Music is a magic thing.
Our mission at 2getheraudio is to bring more music to the world by giving musicians the opportunity to express themselves while helping others in need. How do we do it?
We make professional music production software extremely affordable by asking our customers to pay what they can afford and ten percent of that purchase price goes towards whatever they choose.
So everyone can get world-class music creation software and create more music.
2getheraudio was founded by the owners of Qubiq Audio, three professional musicians, each of whom also has a long history of developing tools to create music for other musicians.
So we created 2getheraudio to try and do what we’re good at, making software for musicians, to change the world for the better.
We’re glad you found us and hope you also find the positive energy and make great music through our mission!
Plugin set consisting of:
2getheraudio – Cheeze.Machine.PRO.v1.2.1.8093
2getheraudio – CL4P.Maker.v1.0.0.6644
2getheraudio – G8TOR.v1.0.0.6224
2getheraudio – K1CK.Synth.v1.0.0. 6973
2getheraudio – RE4ORM.FX.v1.1.0.5931
2getheraudio – RE4ORM.v1.1.0.5918
2getheraudio – RICH.Drums.v1.0.1.8840
2getheraudio – RICH.v1.0.4.8840
2getheraudio – SN4RE.Drum.v1.0.0 .7711
2getheraudio – SPACE.DUCK.v1.0.1.8370
2getheraudio – ST3REO.v1.0.0.6953
2getheraudio – V1NYLLA.v1.0.0.7666
2getheraudio – OpZilla

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