ADPTR Audio – Sculpt v1.0.5 Win-TRAZOR VST, VST3, AAX x64

ADPTRAudio Sculpt

SCULPT from ADPTR AUDIO represents the future of dynamic and tonal control. Designed for master busses and group busses,
SCULPT allows you to carefully and cleanly modify your sounds in ways other processors simply cannot. It is based on the amazingly transparent “Upward Compressor”,
the more traditional “Downward Compressor”, and the powerful “SCULPT” Tonal and Transient sections. Use it to add refinement to mix masters and
busses, or to enhance certain elements within samples, stems, and instrument groups.
Add. info :
• Transparently shape the dynamics, tone, and transients of individual tracks, busses, and masters.
• Four dynamic modules including up-compressor/expander, down-compressor/expander, tone balance module and transient processor.
• A Tonal Balance Visualizer that accurately displays the tonal balance of incoming audio.
• Each module comes with low and high pass filters and a Spectrum Tilt EQ.
• Independent bypass of each module’s bands and scaling of the processing used to fine-tune the sound.
• Envelope Detection Algorithm (EDA) for distortion-free processing even on complex material.
• Advanced Adaptive Auto Gain (AAAG) analyzes incoming audio and accurately applies gain based on how people hear the audio.
• Main mixer panel that provides bypass control, wet/dry mixing knob and mid/side processing options.
• An extensive library of presets that adapt to the needs of your material.

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