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Apisonic Labs – Speedrum v1.2.0 VSTi, VSTi3 x64 [WIN, OSX, LIN]

Speedrum is an MPC style drum sampler.
Designed for easy start-up and fast workflow, but with powerful features if you need them.
32 pads with the desired effects and 8 layers of patterns per pad.
With the addition of a loop slicer.

What’s new in v1.2.0
+ [Pads] export render to file (with maximum velocity, ignore Humanization)
+ [Pads] the ability to replace Layers with rendered sample after exporting the render
+ [Pads] select multiple with mouse right-button drag, add to selection holding Ctrl / Command while dragging
+ [Pads] reset the Pad (s) with the middle-click
+ updated Pad main controls panel, added PlayMode and draggable waveform-button
+ [Windows, MacOS] drag waveform-button to export rendering to other Pad or outside Speedrum (DAW or folder)
+ [Linux] drag waveform-button to export rendering to other Pad
+ [Layer] Mute and Solo for Layers
+ [Layer] Shift + left / right click on a Layer button to Mute / Solo Layer ( s) (same behavior as on Pads)
+ [Layer] Ctrl / Command + right-click on any layer button will select all layers
+ [Layer] delete the Layer (s) with the middle-clcik
+ [Layer] indicators when the mouse is over S / E and A / D, for better visibility of what is active
+ [Layer] move selection S / E left right with Alt / Option + drag
+ [Layer] holding Alt / Option while prev / next / rand in a folder will try to preserve S / E / A / D state
+ [Layer] render to file (ignore Pad params), with the option to reload rendered afterwards
+ [Setup] midi note number on the pad trigger button
+ [Setup] right-click on a trigger button to enter midi note number manually to all selected
+ [Setup] option to specify a project folder, used when drag & drop rendering to DAW (overrides Preferences)
+ [Preferences] option to specify default folder for intermediate files when drag & drop rendering to DAW or Pad / Layer
# left-click (without Ctrl / Command) on the Pad / Layer will remove Pads / Layers multi-selection
# updated info for S / E and A / D
# small dsp optimizations
# fixed right-arrow key behavior on folders in Browser
# fixed applying command from Pad’s menu to multi-selection
# fixed Alt / Option + drag copying selected Layers to another Pad
# fixed crash when duplicating Layers with all slots already populated
# fixed crash when loading a corrupted drum-kit

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