Apisonic Labs – Speedrum v1.4.2 WIN/MAC VSTi, VSTi3, AU x64

Speedrum is a drum sampler in the style MPC. Designed for easy start and fast workflow, but with powerful features if you need them.
32 pads with desired effects and 8 sample layers per pad. With the addition of a loop slicer.

Speedroom Features
Two layouts :
16 pad A/B layout with view of all pad effects or 32 pad layout with view of one FX at a time…
MPC style pad layout.
Pads can be triggered by MIDI notes.
Multiple pad editing, copy and share, delete, drag and drop.
Changing the Multi Pad control, including effect control.
Midi-learn for each pad, save/load trigger maps.
Resizable :
Resizable GUI from 60% to 200% of the default window size.
Easy to use user interface
Default behavior settings
Saving and loading drum kits is supported.
Support for WAV, AIF, FLAC, MP3, OGG
file formats VST, VST3 and AU plugin format
Written in native C++ code for high performance and low CPU usage.
Main panel controls :
All the necessary controls for quick control: Mute, Solo, Volume, Pan, Pitch…
All pad knob parameters have midi learning capability.
Voice mode: Retrigger or Poly.
8 groups “Cut” (choking) and “Cut By”, as well as a trigger pad.
Each pad can be set to one of the 16 available stereo outputs.
12 colors to highlight a specific pad or group.
Humanization of speed, pitch, time and panorama.
Volume and pitch envelope for each pad.
Easy control of FX sends.
Main Effects :
Four main effects to further customize the drum pad…
Multiple types of distortion.
Easily adjustable multi-mode filter.
VCA type compressor for percussion material.
transition shaper.
General gain control and hard clipper.
In the layout “all or one.
Trial layers :
8 layers of samples for each pad with a special editor…
Each layer has the necessary controls, as well as a low and high pass filter.
Stretching in time and pitch.
Multiple layer playback mode.
Reorder layers using drag and drop.
Multi-editing layers.
Waveform :
Non-destructive editor, easily scalable…
View the waveform of the loaded sample.
Adjustable start, end, attack and decay of the sample.
Arrow buttons to cycle through all samples in the current folder.
Adjustable speed ranges in speed mode.
Loop Slicer :
Slicing loops into individual drum beats…
Add or remove slicer markers with a simple.
Drag and drop pieces to fill pads or layers.
Same zoom/navigation as layer waveform.
Stretching in time and pitch.
Two slicing modes :
Different algorithms for different results…
Transients – with Threshold and Length controls.
BPM – with Bpm and Divisions controls.
Pad Sends :
Two channels of Send FX or Output…
Send delay effect.
Reverb FX send.
Or send all pad outputs to a specific output channel.
Master :
Dynamics for main channel…
VCA type compressor for percussive material.
Soft/hard clipper.
Output controls.
Browser :
Built-in sample and drum browser…
With drag and drop sample loading.
Information about the sample or drum kit.
10 slots for favorite folders.
Sample preview option.
Selectable output channel.
Autoload the selected sample.
History of changes
1.4.2 :
+ [Ruler] playhead (like a moving line)
• Fixed duplicate layer from the menu.
• Fixed a bug due to which the volume of the layer was set to -inf when loading a bundle v3 or earlier.
• Fixed the behavior of send outputs when reopening the GUI.
• Fixed a possible crash when autoloading from a browser in Slicer.
1.4.1 :
• Color behavior of the Slice button has been fixed.
• the stretching of the sliced ​​layer has been corrected.
• fixed slicer behavior when autorun is disabled.
• Fixed dragging a slice from the slicer to the pad and moving the sliced ​​layer.
• Fixed a bug due to which the SFZ importer did not import the maximum (32) number of samples.
1.4.0 :
+ [Layer] time/tone stretch.
+ [Layer] beat marker in waveform editor.
+ [Layer] reverse/normalize/channels as GUI controls.
+ [Layer] trim (multiple slicing) (if not stretch/reverse)
+ [Slicer] time/tone stretch.
+ [Slicer] Updated GUI controls for faster parameter changes.
+ [Slicer] autoplay switch.
+ [Pad] import/export.
+ [Pad] pad lock also affects reset/removal and New DrumKit.
+ [Drumkit] new “Save As” dialog box with information and cover art import.
+ [Drumkit] the ability to save Pads Midi Map and autoload in the map menu.
+ [Drumkit] Basic import of the Geist2 drum set.
+ [Drum set] SFZ drum set basic imported.
+ Option [Settings] to set the action of the SaveKit button.
+ Option [Settings] to import SFZ group as layers.
+ global volume knob.
+ changing speed values ​​on all selected layers at once.
• [Drumkit] Improved Poise drum kit import.
• [Layer] Slicing mode changed to trim (multiple slicing)
• Move/copy speed increased for site/layer/slice.
• Speed ​​to stride parameter expanded to bi-directional.
• Speed ​​parameter for filter cutoff extended to bidirectional.
• Fixed a possible crash when loading a site with more than 8 layers.
• Fixed a crash when quickly switching to the next/previous sample during playback.
• Fixed a crash/distortion in FL Studio when changing layer controls while playing.
• Fixed behavior of exclusive random layers playback mode when there is only one layer.
• Fixed PlayMode parameter not being applied after downloading the kit.
• Fixed adding sounds after pad reset.
• Fixed sample rate distortion behavior.
• Fixed display of target pads for modifier key alt.
• env label with fixed step when resizing.
• Fixed a bug due to which the SaveKit button was not activated after reopening the GUI.
1.3.1 :
+ [Browser] switch to automatically load the selected sample into the active editor (eg using the Enter key)
• [Browser] Fixed preview volume behavior for the first preview after opening.
• improved plugin state saving/loading.
• fixed state not saving in rare cases.
• Fixed loading saved state if the plugin was bypassed/disabled on the host.
• DSP optimization.
1.3.0 :
+ Dispatch/Master tab.
+ [Sends] Delay.
+ [Send] Reverb.
+ [Send] Direct output channel.
+ [Master] Compressor.
+ [Master] Clipper/Volume/Pan + meter.
+ [Pad] Sends + Output section.
+ [Pad] output volume (after FX)
+ [MIDI] new cc learning system for knobs (replacing the old one) – based on selected pad/layer.
+ [MIDI] cc Learn for layer controls.
+ [MIDI] cc messages can be received as absolute or relative.
+ [Layers] taking into account speed ranges in all game modes (“V” button)
+ [Layers] new game mode – Random exclusive (does not repeat the last one)
+ [Layers] button to reset Round-Robins on all pads.
+ [Browser] recognition of volumes (disks) without labels.
+ [Knobs] option to hide the mouse cursor on knobs (Preferences)
+ [Knobs] option to enter values ​​through the knob menu.
+ [Knobs] Touching a knob in a disabled section will activate that section.
+ [Knobs] fine-tuning the mouse wheel with the Shift key modifier.
• [Layers] speed play mode removed (because it can be used in all modes)
• [Drumkit] updated to v4 (rejection of old host automation!) with many changes/additions.
• volume values ​​changed to decibels.
• Fixed the behavior of the pan knob.
• Fixed copy pad with keyboard shortcuts.
• Fixed layer muting/soloing when moving/copying layers/pads.
• Fixed visibility of speed sliders when reopening the user interface.
• Fixed Round-Robin game mode to start from the first layer.
• Fixed installation of [MacOS] for systems 10.11 and earlier.
• some DSP optimizations.
• fixed some GUI inconsistency.
• Fixed some licensing issues.
1.2.3 :
• Fixed random hang when changing samples during playback.
• Improved AU save state on some hosts.
• [Linux] Fixed rare crash when opening plugin GUI.
v1.2.2 :
• fixed sample change, resulting in the inability to control the layer.
• a fixed pad launched from another pad does not follow the layer’s playback mode.
• Fixed trigger from pad context menu showing only 16 pads.
v1.2.1 :
+ “Split (rise)” in Velocity editor menu.
• Improved Layer Play Mode system.
• fixed split rates sometimes did not work properly.
• Fixed behavior of Round Robin and Random in Layer Play Mode.
• Fixed layer playback mode when pad is in Poly mode.
• Fixed a possible crash when changing a sample when the pad is in Poly mode.
• [Linux] fixed inability to change menu item.

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