Arturia FX Collection (NO INSTALL, ONLY VST3)

A set of effects from Arturia:
• Bus FORCE v1.2
• Chorus DIMENSION-D v1.3
• Chorus JUN-6 v1.3
• Comp DIODE-609 v1.2
• Comp FET-76 v1.5
• Comp TUBE-STA v1.5
• Comp VCA- 65 v1.5
• Delay ETERNITY v1.5
• Delay TAPE-201 v1.5
• Dist COLDFIRE v1.0
• Dist OPAMP-21 v1.0
• Dist TUBE-CULTURE v1.0
• Edx FRAGMENTS v1.1
• EQ SITRAL-295 v1.2
• Filter M12 v1.6
• Filter MINI v1.7
• Filter MS-20 v1.0
• Filter SEM v1.6
• Flanger BL-20 v1.3
• Phaser BI- TRON v1.3
• Pre 1973 v1.6
• Pre TridA v1.6
• Pre V76 v1.6
• Rev INTENSITY v1.4
• Rev PLATE-140 v1.5
• Rev SPRING-636 v1.4
• Tape MELLO-Fi v1.2

Add. Information : As part of only VST3 format
Can be installed together with the standard “install” version of any synthesizers from Arturia (folders do not conflict)
Duplicate interfaces are removed, the remaining pictures are compressed, this saved more than 3 GB of precious disk space

1. Extract the Arturia FX Collection folder to a location of your choice
2. Run SymLink DeInstaller
3. Run SymLink Installer
Duplicate presets?
If after installation the presets began to double
try the following:
Method 1: Run file 1 Remove SymLinks from the Remove duplicates folder . If it didn’t help or the presets disappeared altogether, run the SymLink Installer again and go to method 2.
Method 2: Run file 2 Remove Preset Database from the Remove duplicates folder . This will delete the Arturia preset database and the next time you run any plugin, it will be recreated again. But since Arturia uses a single database of presets for all its plugins (FX Collection, Synth Collection, Pigments, Analog Lab, etc.), it is possible that due to its removal, some presets will disappear in other products from Artoria and they will have to be reinstall. If you do not use other plugins from Arturia and you only need FX Collection, feel free to use this method.

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