Arturia – Pigments v4.1.1 (3513) SAL, VSTi, VST3i, AAX x64

Pigments is a state-of-the-art software tool that gives you the ability to use all the shades of synthesis. With colorful, expressive sound engines, easy modulation, professional utilities and studio FX, explore the endless spectrum of sound.

Main characteristics
Complex Synthesis :
A sound designer’s dream, a producer’s workhorse, a musician’s playground. With everything just a click away, Pigments takes the complex details of sound creation and makes them instantly accessible, enjoyable and yours to explore.

Multiple synthesis types :
Pigments gives you control over 4 powerful sound engine types: Wavetable, Virtual analog, Sample & Granular and Harmonic. Combine any pair of these engines with the optional Utility oscillator and sampled noise for an almost endless palette of synthesis.

Modulation and sound shaping :
Free, reshape and elevate your sound until it’s completely your own with instant drag-and-drop modulation. There is nothing forbidden in changing your patches: dozens of sources and an almost infinite number of destination combinations that you can control with a single click.

Musical sequencing and arpeggiation :
Pigments doesn’t just create amazing synth sounds – it creates music. Weave beautiful melodies, create evolving stepped modulations, and bring your entire sound to life with a simple yet powerful sequencing and arpeggiation engine that makes your sound move.

Color your sound :
Add the finishing touches or send your patches into the sonic orbit with a huge yet accessible array of filtering and FX options. Mix or match dual filters using classic and modern modes, and add endless color to any sound with studio FX, from Shimmer Reverb to Bitcrusher.

Different Views :
Get completely immersed in the sound without losing focus with clean Pigments layout options. Control your voices and modulation with the Synth tab, switch to Play Mode to keep it simple, or select Light Mode for a more contrasty look.

Flexible audio routing :
Choose how Voices, Modulations, Filters and FX Pigments react to each other with full control over audio routing. Send different engines to different filters, change from serial to parallel, or find your own combination for unique experimental audio manipulations.
Changelog v4.1.1 (3513)
Bug fixes :
– Quick edit quantity icons are now displayed correctly.
– Sample no longer plays after saving as a preset..

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