Arturia V Collection 9 v9.5.2

Arturia V Collection 9 -

A suite of software instruments including analog synthesizers, digital synthesizers, organs, acoustic pianos, electric pianos and string machines – recreations of the most iconic instruments of all time.

They are faithfully reproduced using exclusive analog and physical modeling technology for unparalleled realism, and enhanced to allow deeper exploration of sound far beyond their ancestors. These virtual instruments can be used on their own or in your DAW of choice, and are designed to work flawlessly with your favorite MIDI controllers.

V Collection 9 gives you the iconic, professional and inspiring sounds you need for performance, production and sound design.

What’s in V Collection 9:
  1. Analog Lab V
  2. ARP 2600 V3
  3. Augmented STRINGS
  4. Augmented VOICES
  5. B-3 V2
  6. Buchla Easel V
  7. Clavinet V
  8. CMI V
  9. CS-80 V4
  10. C.Z.V
  11. DX7 V
  12. Emulator II V
  13. Farfisa V
  14. Jun-6V
  15. Jup-8 V4
  16. KORG MS-20V
  17. Matrix-12 V2
  18. Mellotron V
  19. Mini V3
  20. Modular V3
  21. OP-Xa V
  22. Piano V3
  23. Pigments
  24. Prophet-5V
  25. Prophet-VS V
  26. SEM V2
  27. Solina V2
  28. SQ80V
  29. Synclavier V
  30. Stage-73 V2
  31. Synthi V
  32. Vocoder V
  33. VOX Continental V2
  34. Wurli V2
And witch says
You need the installation of TEAM R2R ASCEMU2.
Enjoy the full licenser emulation. (Except for the hardcoded SHA512 part!)
In our release
– Un/Installer does not kill presets.
– Compatible with other legit Arturia installers.
– Legit ASC installation will not be affected, and does not affect to R2R Arturia releases.
Keep your computer clean
1. Install Setup ASCEMU2 v1.1.0.exe
2. Install Setup Arturia V Collection 9 v9.5.2.exe

4 Comments on “Arturia V Collection 9 v9.5.2”

  1. L’installation déconne , il y a un problème a chaque lancement sur
    C:ProgramData/Arturia/Analog Lab V/Install/

  2. I installed it as advised and still says demo mode on all plugins.
    Anyone can help a fellow French man out?

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