Auburn Sounds – Graillon v2.7.0

AuburnSounds Graillon -

Graillon is your gateway to a world of limitless vocal experimentation, right within your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). This innovative Vocal Live Changer offers a plethora of meticulously crafted features that will revolutionize your vocal processing. From pitch-tracking modulation to precise pitch shifting and immediate pitch correction, Graillon unlocks a universe of creative possibilities, allowing you to sculpt your vocal recordings with precision and uniqueness.

Pitch-Tracking Modulation: Transform Your Vocals:

Graillon’s standout feature is its pitch-tracking modulation, an exclusive capability that pushes the boundaries of vocal manipulation. With pitch-tracking modulation, your vocals undergo a remarkable transformation. This feature enables you to change the tonal characteristics of your voice, simulating various speaker types, generating throaty textures, crafting rich choruses, producing octave harmonies, and enhancing masculinity, all with unparalleled precision. Say goodbye to mundane vocal processing and hello to a world of vocal versatility.

Pitch Shifter: Precision in Transposition:

Graillon boasts an advanced Pitch Shifter that excels in transposing vocal elements up and down the musical scale. This feature is meticulously optimized for vocals, ensuring pitch-perfect accuracy. Whether you’re aiming for subtle harmonies or dramatic shifts, Graillon’s Pitch Shifter empowers you to achieve the desired vocal modulation with ease and precision.

Pitch Correction Module: Immediate Robotic Artistry:

For those seeking an immediate robotic vocal effect, Graillon’s Pitch Correction module delivers in spades. This feature adds an unmistakable robotic texture to your vocals, perfect for genres and styles that require an otherworldly vocal character. With Graillon, you can effortlessly infuse your vocals with a futuristic twist that captivates listeners and adds a unique layer to your productions.

Bitcrusher Add-On: Subtle Sparkle for Vocal Brilliance:

To add a touch of sonic sparkle to your vocal mix, Graillon offers a Bitcrusher add-on that gently enhances your vocal recordings. This subtle yet effective tool provides just the right amount of digital crunch and grit, elevating your vocals within the mix. The Bitcrusher add-on is your secret weapon for achieving that perfect blend of vintage charm and modern brilliance in your vocal tracks.

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