Best Service – Best Service Yellow River Sound Guzheng (ENGINE 2)

Gu Zheng recorded by local Chinese music producers
Gu Zheng is one of the most beautiful traditional Chinese instruments with over 2000 years of history. The modern Gu Zheng is a Chinese plucked zither with 21 strings and movable bridges. Primary playing styles include plucking the right side and tapping the left side to create tonal patterns, as well as tremolo. Gu Zheng of Yellow River Sound is produced by Zhang Jian (Chinese Conservatory of Music) and Ma Jing (ADSH) in collaboration with Best Service. For the first time, Chinese instrument samples have been carefully selected by local Chinese music producers who have a natural understanding of their culture and the only desire to express the true quality of Chinese instruments.
banner gu zheng
Using Best Service ENGINE sample player technology, this virtual instrument offers more detailed articulations than ever before. Its freshness and elegance reflect the preserved spirit of Chinese culture. While many virtual instruments are at war for loudness, YRS Gu Zheng’s low-speed samples allow you to experience the sound of silence, yet its wide dynamic range also delivers powerful impact. With the release of YRS Gu Zheng and other instruments, Chinese instruments will no longer be a subcategory in your ethno library. Treasures long hidden will be rediscovered. Just listen to the demo. These are purely MIDI arrangements and you will experience the virtual Gu Zheng you have always dreamed of!
Gu Zheng GUI
1.6 GB sample library, multiple samples per velocity layer
The most detailed articulations never before available, up to 5 velocity layers, 3 different up/down bend tempos, etc.
Samples of Gu Zheng’s famous custom design.
Recorded at the China Conservatory of Music using Direct Stream digital technology and 5 microphone positions. 24bit
/ 44.1kHz sample playback

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