Best Service – Engine 2 v2.8.0.58 STANDALONE, VSTi, x64 x86 Win

BestService Engine2 1



Antivirus (Windows Defender) can delete the key_extractor.exe file. Disable it in advance.
If you do not own the licenses of certain libraries, then you should not pay attention to the key_extractor.exe file.
1. Install Engine WIN Installer.exe
2. Install Engine_FKed_setup.exe
3. Start the Standalone version of the plugin, go to the Preference tab and select the Libraries tab. Click Add library and specify the folder with the library to be added
4. You can load the added library by clicking Click here to load Instrument in the upper left part of the sampler and selecting the added library from the list
5. When the Magix E-License Manager library activation window appears, enter any activation code for the added library (format 6 blocks of 6 letters)
for example: X1X2X3-X1X2X3-X1X2X3-X1X2X3-X1X2X3-X1X2X3)
6. After restarting the library, also closing the Best Service Engine – File Not Found window

Engine (December 28th 2021)
– added new features for upcoming products
– general improvements and stability fixes
– support for new operating systems
Engine (June 15th 2021)
– added new features for upcoming products
– fixed small GUI glitches
– general improvements and stability fixes
Engine (July 14th 2020)
– introduced new GUI theme
– fixed slow GUI speed on Apple Color Profiles
– general improvements and stability fixes
Engine (January 11th 2020)
– improved pitch wheel speed
– AU updated / fix
– fixed repetition note behavior
– fix load layer in browser crash
– fixed crashes on AU unload
– general stability improvements
– fixed keep layer settings
– Catalina fixes, added notarization
– fixed tune models sorting
Engine (March 13th 2019)
tag now works in Engine
Pro Tools, fix crash on load multiple instances
Engine (February 15th 2019)
– Keyboard UI performance
– Stability improved
– Alternate always follow feature
– Elastique crash fixed
– Section keyswitch bypass automatable
– Windows, midi in 64bit fix
– Midi playback fixed
– Midi zone import fix
– LUA script improvement (BPM)
– Keyboard colors improved
– Midi_key_filter crash fixed
Engine (July 16th 2018)
– Updated Mac Installer for better compatibility with future Best Service software products
Engine (Mai 9th 2018)
– Arranger fix for Complex Mode & Display Problems
– APFS & exFAT filesystem compatibility
– UI update fixes
– UI crash fixed when loading layers
– Layer Menu speed improved
– 64bit E-License Manger (Mac OS only )
– Copy Protection improvements to avoid broken activations after Windows updates.
– general improvements and added functionality
– legacy code clean-up
Engine (April 26th 2017)
– Added additional GUI scripting capabilities
– Pro Edit missing parameter display fixed
– Auto Tempo fixed
– Legato hanging note bug fixed
– Midi CC121 also reset Custom Controls fixed
Engine (December 11th 2016)
– AAX Support for Pro Tools 11 or higher
– Added additional scripting features
– Added selctive Elastique per Section
– Added GUI keybord colors
– Fixed GUI inconsistencies
– Updated E-License Manager to Version 1.4 (on Windows 7 1.3.1)
Engine (May 11th 2016)
– AAX Support (Beta) for Avid Pro Tools 11 or higher
– Added option to “Remove Library”
– fixed some bugs regarding Galaxy X products
Engine (Mac OS only) (July 27th 2015)
– restored Mac OS 10.8 compatibility
– fixed AU plug-in memory leak
Engine (February 27th 2015)
– added scripting capabilities to Engine
– bug fixes and improvements
Engine (February 1st 2014)
– small bugfixes
– Mac Installer is now signed and should not require disabling Gate Keeper
Engine (October 31st 2013)
– improved audio engine performnce
– improved sound of modulation effects (Chorus, Flanger etc.)
– new Vandal Insert FX. Distortion, Guitar Amp, Cabinet Simulation
– Windows ASIO fix for some soundcards
– improved Impulse Response Engine
– switched to VSTGUI 3.6 on Windows, better performance and mouse behavior
– increased cutsom controls to 128
– new and improved Choose Folder Dialog (Windows)
– ability to add moore then one library at a time
– fixed AU crashes under some hosts
– fixed denormal problems with some Insert FX
– improved Core Audio Support
– plenty additional bug fixes
Engine (11 June 2013)
– fixed crashes when opening the mixer [Mac only]
– fixed RAM usage
Engine 2.1.1
– fixed crashes using flexible envelope
– fixed crash when changing layers with arrow buttons
– fixed crashes with DP8 when loading layers
– fixed GUI problem with VE PRO
– performance improvements using Elastique
– many AU improvements
– changed permissions for the Magix E-License Manager while installing [Mac only]
– improved Add Library function
– fixed crash when changing layers
– enhanced Audio Browser fuctionality
– corrected Drag & Drop crashes
– fixed a legato problem leading to crashes
Engine [WIN only]
– fixed an installer bug
– Added 64 Bit Support for OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8
– Improved Memory Management
– VST Gui updated to 3.6 for better mouse handling [Mac 64bit only]
– Enhanced / Improved legato
– Enhanced directory / file structure management. Itís now possible to use UNC Path and special characters [PC]
– Enhanced / Improved Convolution Reverb
– Enhanced / Improved Midi processing
– Fixed some bugs in the E-License Manager [Mac]
– Fixed some minor bugs
– Fixed split keyboard function
– Fixed some bugs in the midi learn function
– Fixed virtual keyboard
Engine 2.0.2a (MAC only)
– added Mac OS X 10.7 compatibility
– Supported OS: OSX 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7 (32 Bit)
Engine 2.0.2
– enhancements for upcoming Engine instruments
– Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 (32 Bit and 64 bit), OSX 10.4 and newer (32 Bit)
Engine 2.0.1
– several bug fixes
– enhancements for upcoming Engine instruments
– renewed Windows installer
– Interfaces: VST, RTAS (32bit), Audio Units (Mac), Standalone
– Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 (32 Bit and 64 bit), OSX 10.4 and newer (32 Bit)
– performance and stability improvements
– import of audio files from any location
– instruments can be loaded from any location
– NO Root Folder connection required
– new application- and file-architecture
– free definable user folder, quick links, library folder
– improved arranger with key switch and bank extension
– enhanced Quick Edit Page
– extended automation curve progression
– optimized “Real Legato” support
– several bug fixes
– new E-License Manager
– Interfaces: VST, RTAS (32bit), Audio Units (Mac), Standalone
– Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 (32 Bit and 64 bit), OSX 10.4 and newer (32 Bit)

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