Bitwig Studio v4.3.4 x64 [WIN,MAC,Linux]

Bitwig Studio 1 – hello world! Version 2 brought common software modulators and CV integration. Version 3 marked the birth of The Grid, our modular sound design environment. And for version 4, new music timelines appeared.
This means compiling the audio clips in both the Clip Launcher and the Arranger. A new set of operators to change the chance, repeat, etc. of any note or sound event. Random distribution for any point of expression (for example, for each note or sound panning) with perfect control. And native support for Apple Silicon on the Mac, allowing even Intel and ARM plugins to work side by side.
Welcome to Bitwig Studio 4.

What’s new in 4.3
What’s new in 4.3
Take your sound to the next level
Our new Convolution device can send any sound anywhere – even to places that don’t exist. All the meanders give your sound a boost, and ours comes pre-packaged with 270 of them, from 12th-century cathedrals and legendary studio effects to more abstract “environments.” Using the momentum of a room or hall creates a realistic reverb, but Convolution and Bitwig content offer much more.
Fashionably late
Delay+ is the latest sound effect from Bitwig. By balancing familiar controls with a few thoughtful new ones, Delay+ can either add a bit of character or completely change your sound when it’s playing ping pong.
The new face of polymer
Polymer and The Grid use the same modules, so when something new comes along, everyone wins. Bitwig 4.3 introduced some analog goodies.
Two modules are new. Union is an oscillator that plays in a straight line, mixing three waveforms into one nice drifting output. And as for filtering, the Low-pass MG honors Mr. Moog by mimicking both his classic filter and mix bus.
Topping up
As always, there are a few more new features. For example, FX tracks now have their own sends. And yes, direct feedback routes are available – and clearly labeled (Achtung!). And the ADSR module is widely used, so why not add a “bias” output port for a bipolar signal that is centered around the sustain? Good for pitching or anything that might require a little drift.
Whether it’s recording settings, lyrics, or performance notes, comments can be freely added to tracks, layers, arranger cue markers, and trigger scenes—just start writing in your language. And with the distribution of our Linux build via Flatpak and PipeWire support, many distributions will have a smoother experience with Bitwig, including Ubuntu users. Or maybe even Steam decks?…
Bitwig Studio 4.3 supports the CLAP plugin standard.

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