Bogren Digital – AMPKNOB – RevC v1.0.1 STANDALONE, VST3, AAX x64

With the new AmpKnob RevC, this becomes a reality. Plug in, fire up, and start recording smashing guitars right away, without distracting your creativity.
It’s not a toy. In fact, AmpKnob is already making its way into top-tier production.
Hear for yourself how AmpKnob RevC works in real mixes from a huge selection of styles!

Description continued
The New Standard
Imagine walking straight into a world-class recording studio with your favorite guitar.
In front of you stands the Unholy Grail of rock and metal guitar amps – classic RevC with overlays and serial number up to 500 in immaculate condition.
Prior to your arrival, one of the world’s most experienced metal makers spent hours carefully selecting and placing microphones to perfectly capture the sound of the amp and cabinet.
Everything is set up and ready for you, all you have to do is plug in your guitar and start playing.
We present to you the AmpKnob RevC, the first in a series of revolutionary single-knob amps from Jens Bogren and Bogren Digital.

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