Boom Library – BOOM ONE UPDATE 03.23, 04.23 and 05.23 (WAV)

ONE MASSIVE & ENERAL SOUND LIBRARY BOOM ONE is a unique set of original high quality sound effects not released in any other BOOM Library collection.

The sounds are brand new, created from scratch and not featured anywhere else in any of our collections. They are from all genres for all audio professions, a common library that anyone can use, with common genres that everyone needs that are often left out in other libraries.

Starting with 40,000 files containing over 90,000 sound effects, BOOM ONE is our new flagship for general sound effects.
No reused sounds, pristine and stable quality. Ideal for creators, post-professionals, videos, games and more.

BOOM ONE is the foundation of your success. A complete and consistent reference library of general sound effects that is the perfect complement to our massive BOOM Library themed collection.

Update 23.03
600+ NEW FILES / 2500+ SOUNDS / 3+ GB

Rock to fakie with our latest BOOM ONE Updatie. We’ve come grinding back to the scene with our latest upload of 603 files. In it, we cover all the smacking board sounds at the skate park and everything you could imagine needing for game UI sounds.

– Roll
– Drop
– Slide
– Pick up
– Kickflip
– Jump
– Push
– Move

– Character Jump
– Item Sounds
– Text Scrolls
– Transition
– Melodic Jingles
– Vehicles
– Pinnball Game Jingles
– Retro UI Sounds
– Whooshes
– Buttons
– Clicks
– Pops
– Glitch FX
– Swish
– Charge
– Computer
– Data
– Buzz

Update 23.04
600+ NEW FILES / 3800+ SOUNDS / 6+ GB

Chemical reactions and gun impacts are what’s brewing for BOOM ONE’s latest update.

Our recordists hit the shooting range to get these high-quality gun impact recordings that are typically underrepresented in the sound library market.
– Real On-Location Bullet Impacts
– Real Weapons
– Different Calibers
– Cloth Impacts
– Gravel Impacts
– Dirt Impacts
– Glas Break
– Gore Sounds
– Grass Impact
– Water Splashes
– Additional Debris

Meanwhile, we also brewed a ruckus in the laboratory making concoctions and bubbling potions to give you everything needed for your magical scenes.
– Chemical Reactions
– Chemical Cooking
– Propanol Burn
– Spiritus
– Bunsen Burner
– Bubbles
– Water Movements
– Swirls
– Foley Movements
– Pebbles
– Wind Swooshes
– Female and Male Vocal Reactions

“It’s all about unique organic textures,” our recordist Eric Buschendorf says. “Blubbery water movement caught with a hydrophone or scraping dirt on resonant metal signs recorded with a contact mic. So everything that is not typically audible for our ears. Why? Because magic isn’t real, and therefore you have to come up with some crazy recording techniques.”

Update 23.05
600+ NEW FILES / 2500+ SOUNDS / 20+ GB

Military aircraft and ancient doors thunder across the sonic spectrum for BOOM ONE’s latest update.

Our recordists set out on a mountain adventure to find the perfect spot to record aircraft near a military airbase. From their vantage point, they were able to capture 243 files of military aircraft sounds, including flybys, maneuvers, and ambiences. To get the perfect capture, they used some custom microphone setups, as well as a multitude of 3D effects. Check out our blog for more about this exciting recording trip.
– Military Jets
– Helicopters
– Fly-Bys
– Maneuvers
– Jet Fly Bys with Gatling Gun Shooting

Creeping around ancient ruins, old crypts, and renovated castles might not be your version of the perfect weekend, but for our crew it was a chance to flex our inner-Indiana Jones while we built the perfect collection of ancient doors for your sound effects collection. It’s perfect audio for any castle-based or dungeon-crawling escapades, with heavy doors, jail gates, and more. Only on BOOM ONE!
– Castle Doors
– Secret Doors
– Jail Doors
– Stone Doors
– Closing & Opening
– Handle Sounds
– Door Knocker

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