Cableguys VolumeShaper v4.0.0 VST, AU (WIN/MAC)

CableGuys’ VolumeShaper 4 is a versatile and powerful plugin for shaping and manipulating the volume of audio signals. It allows music producers, sound designers, and DJs to create dynamic and evolving soundscapes, with precision and ease.

The plugin is designed to be easy to use, with a visual display that shows the volume shaping curve in real-time. Users can draw and edit curves directly on the display, with a range of tools and modes to control the shape and timing of the curve. This makes it easy to create complex and evolving volume patterns, with a high degree of control and precision.

The plugin can be modulated by a range of sources, including MIDI, LFOs, and envelope followers. This allows users to create complex and dynamic volume effects, such as sidechain compression, gating, and rhythmic stuttering. The modulation options can be synced to the host tempo, making it easy to create rhythmic patterns and grooves.

VolumeShaper 4 also includes a range of other effects and processing options. It features a distortion module, which can add warmth and grit to the sound, as well as a filter module, which can be used to shape the tone and timbre of the signal. There are also options for panning and stereo widening, which can be used to create spacious and immersive soundscapes.

CableGuys’ VolumeShaper 4 is a powerful and versatile plugin for shaping and manipulating the volume of audio signals. Its flexible and intuitive interface, combined with its extensive modulation options and other effects, make it a valuable tool for music producers and sound designers in various genres of electronic music, from techno to dubstep to house. If you’re looking to add dynamic and evolving volume effects to your productions, VolumeShaper 4 is definitely worth checking out.

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