Celemony Melodyne 5.3.0 [Intel/Apple] [K-ed] MORiA

Surround: In ARA and Transfer Melodyne modes, you can now also edit tracks in standard surround formats.
ARA in Pro Tools: Melodyne 5.3 comes with all the technical prerequisites for integrating ARA into Pro Tools since version 2022.09 and thus enables a greatly improved workflow in Pro Tools.
Error correction
– Recording: In Melodyne’s standalone implementation, you can now also use a recording device with a mono input (such as a MacBook microphone).
ARA in Cubase: When moving an ARA event to an unselected track, the selection in Melodyne is now preserved.
Pro Tools: Melodyne’s playhead position now correctly updates even when playback is stopped.
AAX in Pro Tools: When reverting/committing, Melodyne now correctly evaluates the offline setting.
– Correct Pitch Macro: When a macro was applied to a very large number of notes at the same time, Melodyne would sometimes freeze. It doesn’t happen anymore.
Settings: Previously in ARA mode, the keyboard shortcut for “Select Playback” was erroneously displayed in the “Others” section and not in the “Transport Panel” section. This has been fixed.
Note Inspector: The input field for Sibilant Balance now reliably accepts input even when multiple tracks are being edited at the same time.
ARA in Bandlab’s Cakewalk: Under certain circumstances, Melodyne would crash when loading a session. This has been fixed.
Ableton Live: Found and fixed a cause of occasional crashes when launching Melodyne in Live 11.1.1 under macOS Monterey on a Mac with an M1 chip.
Editing note: “Restore Original” commands in the “Edit” menu now work more consistently in the standalone implementation, in the “Transfer” plugin, and in ARA.
1. Run .pkg file
2. Enjoy

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