Cytomic – The Glue 1.3.19 VST, AAX x86 x64

The Glue – high-quality model, the emulation of that relies on a cross of bus compressors of the SSL 4000 E and G series, however with the addition of some extra options. It uses identical high-quality algorithms that square measure employed in the first circuits, however is optimized for period of time use. The plugin is quick and simple to use ANd has an tidy interface.
Additional options embody AN ultra-fast attack time of zero.01ms and a spread knob that slows down compression to make improbably natural attacks and limits the utmost compression level. Sidechain support and a customizable sidechain pass pass filter of high pass are enclosed.
New in version
v1.3.19 (17 July 2017)

Fixed: sidechain input broken with oversampling
v1.3.18 (7 July 2017)

New: reduced oversampler latency to use very cheap attainable to support current realtime and render
oversampling amounts

New: adscititious advanced setting to permit dynamic change of latency once shift between realtime
and render – note: only a few hosts support this, therefore this setting has got to be manually modified within the
settings.xml config file

Fixed: uninitialised variable in linear part oversampler
v1.3.17 (22 Jun 2017)

Fixed: uninitialised variable in minimum and intermediate part oversampler

Note: switched to exploitation VS2015 for Windows Builds to figure around static c runtime ending
problems with the Juce library exploitation VS2012

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