Devicemeister – StepicVST 1.5.0 & Stepic MAX4Live 1.5.0 VSTi3, AMXD x64

StepicVST is not just a powerful and versatile polyphonic step sequencer.
8 additional and fully integrated modulation sequencers make it a real sound shaping tool. Use them to automate any parameter (eg filter cutoff, wavetable position, effect amount) of your favorite synths or effects devices.

With MIDI CC support, StepicVST offers you parameter control for both software plugins and hardware devices.

By assigning different tempos and sequence lengths to modulation sequencers, Stepic allows you to create deep, polyrhythmic parameter sequences, which give your sound a lot of movement and uniqueness. And if that’s not enough, use over 200 random number generators.

What’s new:
Changes in Stepic v1.5
  1. MIDI Play: Play Stepic using your MIDI Keyboard and your DAW’s note arrangement. Choose from three unique modes: Transpose, Arpeggiator, Chord-Play.
  2. Pitchbend-Transpose: As part of MIDI Play, this feature lets you transpose Stepic’s sequences using your keyboard or controller’s pitchbend function.
  3. MIDI Mapping: Easily manage various Stepic functions like pattern changes using MIDI notes or CC messages.
  4. MIDI Thru: Route MIDI messages through Stepic directly to your synth. You have the flexibility to determine which message types to pass through, including Aftertouch, Controller Change, Pitchbend, Modwheel, and more.
Key features

▬ Template system
Store your ideas in 16 templates. Use pattern concatenation to build sequences far beyond 16 steps.
▬ Scales
Always stay informed with the Stepic scale system. Choose from predefined scales or create your own.
▬ Length of individual sequences
Keep it interesting and mix things up. For each section (pitch, octave, duration, etc.) a separate sequence length can be defined.
▬ Modulation parameters
Use 8 modulation sequencers to bring your sound to life. Control any desired parameters of your favorite synthesizers or effects devices – software and hardware.
▬ Stepik’s chord
playing is polyphonic. The chord editor with a range of 6 octaves allows you to set individual chords for each step. Use Chord-Copy to quickly and easily copy chords between steps.
▬ Probability
Control the probability of playing notes. Choose between different modes and add the sequences you need.
▬ Note Repeat
Add a hypnotic touch to your sequences and explore the Stepic note repeat feature. Transpose mode, offset and range will help you hit the sweet spot.
▬ Clipboard
Optimize and speed up your workflow. The clipboard feature allows you to copy sequences between sections and patterns with just two clicks.
▬ Randomization
Create varied and unpredictable moments with over 200 randomization features.
▬ MIDI Device Manager
Organize your fleet of devices and plug-ins in the MIDI Device Manager and have all the parameters at hand when you need them.

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