Devious Machines – Infiltrator 2 v2.2.8 VST, VST3, AAX x64

Your new secret weapon:
Infiltrator is a powerful multi-effect that can stack, chain and modulate up to ten different effects simultaneously. Whether it’s fluid analog filtering or reality-altering audio conversion, Infiltrator puts it all at your fingertips.

Infiltrator Features

Infiltrator 2 introduces many new features. The most important of them are described here. If you want to know more about them, you can read the manual or watch some of the videos available on the product page.
Presets :
There are currently 1500 presets designed by us and our renowned artists, many of which showcase new effect modules.
Modulation :
We have had many requests for additional modulation routing options.
As such, the sonic envelope follower knob can now be switched to second envelope mode, and can also be routed to a range of modulation destinations, including effects mixing.
New Effects :
Reverse Play the sound in reverse. You can choose how often your audio will be resampled and play it back at the original tempo or slower.
Varispeed Lets you slow down the incoming sound by lowering its pitch. You can also play incoming audio in reverse.
Slowdown Slows down the sound to a fraction of its speed. The main knob breaks each division, on the left is full speed, then half speed, and so on. The tempo slider changes the frequency at which a new audio segment is captured.
Time Stretch A detailed time stretch effect that slows down parts of the incoming sound without affecting the pitch.
Vocoder Uses a filter bank to superimpose the formants of the incoming audio signal (modulator) onto an internal oscillator (carrier).
Empty Reverb A high quality cone with a slower attack at longer settings.
dark with tone control.
Reflect reverb Simulates sound reflections off surfaces (walls). Can be used for short reverb effects, to create a “slap back” echo, or can be placed before a reverb module to provide some of the early reflection of a high quality reverb effect. With careful tuning, you can create reverbs that can compete with some well-known specialized reverbs.
Compressor Versions of the main output compressor that can be placed anywhere in the signal chain. They also have some new options for creative control.
Gate two sound noise reduction effects.
Dual filter Pair of resonant high/low pass filters. The bandwidth control adjusts the spacing between the two filters.
Formant Filter B Mode – A new formant filter mode for a bolder, filter-like voice.
MIDI CC Out sends the output of the envelope as a MIDI CC signal. This will work easier in some DAWs than others.
New FFT-based effects :
Shift Shifts and translates the entire frequency spectrum up or down.
Twist Twists the spectrum around the frequency, the center frequency is controlled by the Freq parameter.
Mirror Reflects part of the frequency spectrum.
Bandpass FFT based brick wall bandpass filter.
Stretch Applies frequency based time stretching.
Scatter Delays different frequencies by randomly shifting values.
Cascade delay of frequency elements according to some center frequency.
Smear Blurs the frequency spectrum over time.
FFT based reverb.
Compression An FFT-based compressor/limiter similar to a multi-band compressor with more bands.
Corrupt A creative digital filter that removes either the quietest or the loudest parts from the sound.
Lofi A creative effect that can simulate low bit rate digital compression.
Spread Spreads the spectrum over the frequency domain. The value determines how far each frequency band extends to its neighbors.
Other Notable Improvements :
Search for presets by name in the preset browser.
Delay compensation modes to prevent unnecessary playback glitches when switching presets.
Improved effect renderers.
New effects dragging behavior so you can drag and drop an effect and insert it between two others instead of always replacing the effect.
Double clicking resets the shape of the curve.
New random line mode in curve randomizer.

Changelog v2.2.8
We have updated Infiltrator to version 2.2 with more macros, new presets and various minor improvements. New additions include :
■ Increased macro count to 8.
■ New ‘Stratosphere’ bank with over 50 new presets.
■ Random envelope start position.
■ Support for MIDI program change.
■ Macro editing functions.
■ Compatible with AAX Apple Silicon.
■ Optimizing performance and memory usage.
■ Fixed an issue with delay compensation that caused phasing.

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