Fuse Audio Labs – Plug-Ins Bundle WIN/MAC VST, VST3, AAX, AU x86 x64 [R2R]

Fuse Audio Labs is the number one source for truly analog sounding plug-ins designed for the everyday needs of real world musicians and engineers. The company was founded in 2017 by Raimund Dratva, a deeply knowledgeable expert in translating complex analog topologies into top-notch DSP code. Over the years, Raimund has built a huge portfolio of leading simulation games for brands such as ACME, Black Box Analog Design, Black Rooster Audio, Elysia, Millennia, Neold, Vertigo and many more, available on the Plugin Alliance and the UAD-2 platform. while his own designs remain 100% pure Fuse Audio Labs.

Package Included
Big-Sur v2.3.0
Bucket-500 v2.3.0
Chorus-65 v2.3.0
Dozer-Drive v2.3.0
DrumsSSX v2.3.0
El-Germano v2.3.0
F-59 v2.3.0
Flywheel v2.3.0
Gate-230 v2.3.0
Octafish v2.3.0
RS-W2395C v2.3.0
TCS-68 v2.3.0
VCL-25A v2.3.0
VCL-373 v2.3.0
VCL-4 v2.3.0
VCL-515 v2.3.0
VCL-864U v2.3.0
VCS-1 v2 .3.0
VPRE-2C v2.3.0
VPRE-31A v2.3.0
VPRE-376 v2.3.0
VPRE-562A v2.3.0
VQA-154 v2.3.0
VQP-258A v2.3.0
VQP-259A v2.3.0
VREV-140 v2.3.0
VREV-666 v2.3.0

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