GForce Software – Oberheim OB-E v2.0 WiN/MAC [MORiA] STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX, AU x64

OB-E is more than just emulation, it offers a unique music experience.
Sounds HUGE, bringing the iconic 8-voice Synthesizer Expander Module (SEM®) (also known as EVS)
into new sound territory with a slew of improvements and additions.
The concept of the 8-voice is actually very simple; Based on one SEM containing
two pulsed and sawtooth waveform VCO,
two ADS envelope oscillators, one LFO and a magic multi-mode filter.
Individually, each SEM is monophonic, but in 8-Voice, because eight SEMs are activated by a polyphonic keyboard,
you get a superb polyphonic synthesizer with eight notes. Additional information:
The advanced OB-E V2 is an accurate emulation of the 8-voice Oberheim® thanks to the new Vintage control and the improved Detune parameter.
The OB-E V2 includes a new reverb, over 100 new patches (over 700 in total), a new zoom feature for the sequencer, and a crazy new drum mode
allowing you to trigger each SEM with a dedicated key. We’ve also added 10 drum presets so you can get started. If you’re looking for a new analog drum machine,
give it a try, it might surprise you.

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