GoldWave 6.68

GoldWave is a fairly powerful audio editor. In terms of its functionality, it can compete with such well-known programs as Adobe Audition, Sound Forge, etc.
It has all the basic features for processing and editing sound. Supports a large number of audio file formats: WAV, MP3, AU, OGG, VOC, SND, RAW, AIF, AFC, IFF, MAT, VOX, SMP, SDS, etc. Allows you to record sound from external devices through the line input of an audio card or through a microphone, apply all kinds of audio effects. Implemented support for DirectX plugins and the ability to create a chain of effect processors. The program has a unique module called Expression Evaluator, in which, using standard mathematical functions, in just a couple of minutes, you can generate any signal, melody, program an effect processor. There are special filters for restoring and restoring the quality of old recordings. Among other things, there is batch processing of files,

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