Image-Line FL Studio Producer Edition x86 x64 WIN

03/27/22 Distribution updated . Trial plugins are unlocked in the patcher.

A popular program for creating music. With it, you can create your own tracks, record vocals, mix them, edit, cut, change, and a million more different functions for working with sound. More than 14 years of innovative developments. FL Studio is the fastest way from your brain to your speakers.

Add. Information : The distribution uses the official installer FL Studio
After the official installer completes, FL Studio is automatically activated.
Important! If, during the installation of FL Stuido, the official installer asks you to reboot, refuse by doing it later.
Disabled sending data to developer servers in FL Studio and FLEX (Therefore skins for FLEX extensions will not be visible).
Plugins that require a network connection will work.
The blacklist of blocked users has been removed from FLEngine.
Trial plugins unlocked.

Thanks for the help to everyone who took part .

FLEX Extensions

FLEX Extensions Setup.exe will automatically install extensions to the User Data Folder.
List of extensions:
Drumful Treasure 73.41 MB
Essential Bass Guitars 391.11 MB Essential Guitars
278.19 MB Essential
Pianos 95.90 MB Sense Gemini Magnificence 133.66 MB SH-1 Floor Shakers 7.20 MB SH-1 Jump Up Repertoire 43.36 MB Total: 1.20 GB

Addition Plugins (x64 only)

The Addition Plugins from version 20.9.1 folder contains the installer for additional Pitch Shifter and Vintage Chorus plugins from version 20.9.1.
Plugins are only installed for version and will only work with cured files in 64-bit version of FL Studio.
If several versions of FL Studio are installed on the system, then FL Studio Plugins Setup.exe must be run from the folder with version
Attention! In the official version of FL Studio 20.8.4, these plugins are not available, by installing them, you are aware of all the risks of using these plugins in .


The Patch folder contains the patch activator for FL Studio version
If several versions of FL Studio are installed on the system, then FL Studio Patch.exe must be run from the folder with version

Possible installation problems
When starting FL Studio, the message “The validity of the program could not be verified. Please reinstall it and try again.”

If the message ” The validity of the program could not be verified. Please reinstall it and try again .” appears when starting FL Studio:

  • Perhaps the FLEngine files were deleted (blocked) by your antivirus. Add the C:\Program Files\Image-Line\FL Studio 20 folder to your antivirus exceptions and then run FL Studio Patch.exe from the Patch folder .
    (At the moment, ESET NOD32 antivirus is working on the cured files FLEngine.dll and FLEngine_x64.dll)
If everything went wrong…

If all else fails, perform a clean install and uninstall the previous version:

  • 1 . Uninstall FL Studio and FL Studio ASIO in the standard way.
  • 2 . Delete folders:
    – C:\Program Files\Image-Line
    – C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line
  • 3 . Delete keys in registry:
  • 4 . Reboot.
  • 5 . Install FL Studio using FL Studio Setup.exe .
    6. FL Studio Plugins Setup.exe
    7. FLEX Extensions Setup.exe
Problem plugins and solutions

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