Kiive Audio – Xtressor v1.0.0 (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer)


Xtressor Features

Compression :
Each ratio button acts as a separate compressor module, giving you 8 compressors in one plugin.
In SC mode, you can choose between a Hipass detector filter, 6k chime boost to dampen harsh mids, or press the link button to control the input.
Looking for a fast and furious squeeze? Try British Mode with any of the Xtressor ratio settings to add extreme power and attack to your mix.
Saturation :
The Saturation knob allows you to glue the signal with tape-style saturation.
Desaturate the high frequencies with the heat knob, which activates the unique high frequency limiter.
Use the mixing knobs to mix the saturation to your liking.

Open Flare.txt from the Flare folder and use the registration keys.

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