Kush Audio – Plugins VST, AAX, x64(NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer)


Kush Audio – UBK-1 one.5.3
Kush Audio – Hammer
DSP 1.1.1 Kush Audio – AR-1 one.0.4
Audio – Clariphonic DSP MKII one.2.2 Kush Audio – mythical being DSP one.5.2
Kush Audio – gold-plate one.0.2
Kush Audio – Novatron
1.0.11 Kush Audio – Omega 458A one.0.7
Kush Audio – Omega A one.0.6
Kush Audio – Omega N one.0.6
Kush Audio – Omega TWK one.0.1
Kush Audio – REDDI one.0.0
Kush Audio – SILIKA one.0.1
Kush Audio – Pusher one.1.2

Description: Virtual Equalizer, Kush Audio in made Omega Transformers, 2 virtual analog, coloring plugins. If you’ve got a track that must add additional atmosphere, more color, and fewer quick, sharp transients, then Omega electrical device is that the right alternative.
Plugins from the electrical device series can increase the magnifiers, virtual instruments and sounds the character of analog circuits. they’re simple to use – simply flip the regulator and also the stunning, distinctive fragrance can open. As a result, processed tracks area unit lighter, sound nicer, offer equalizers additional attractiveness to extract, and serve compressors a additional rounded, punchy transient. As a result, a very wizardly transformation.

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