Leapwig Audio – All Plugins Bundle VST, VST3, AAX x64

Since 2015, Leapwing has been creating plugins that didn’t exist before, applying new approaches and providing musicians with innovation.
The signature sound of one of the most iconic music producer-engineers!
Package contains :-
CenterOne v2.14.6
Adjust phantom center signal without changing panorama or spectral characteristics.
DinOne v3.12.2
The ultimate intelligent parallel multi-band dynamics processor.
Joe Ciccarelli v1.0.1
The signature sound of award-winning engineer and producer Joe Ciccarelli.
RootOne v1.10.4 :
A unique multi-range oscillator and sub-harmonic shaper that gives punch to your low frequencies!
Stage one v1.10.3 :
Enhance the soundstage of your stereo mix and even bring your mono recordings to
life UltraVox v1.2.2 : An
intuitive and great sounding vocal processor for recording, production and mixing that includes 4 optimized algorithms: Compression, Gate, Harmonics and Air.

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