Loomer – String v1.14.13 LINUX. STANDALONE, VSTi x86 x64

String is a virtual instrument that simulates the beautiful sound of a polyphonic string synthesizer.

Split-Down Oscillators The
String’s authentic sound comes from its faithful imitation of the split-down oscillator technology at the heart of sumptuous ensemble synthesizers of the 70s.
Dual layer The
string has two separate sound generating layers, each containing three phase-locked oscillators stopping at 16′, 8′ and 4′ bands for level 1 and 8′, 4′ and 2′ bands for level 2. The relative volumes of each Stop can be fine-tuned to reproduce a huge tonal range. Both layers have controllable note split points. Layers can be placed so that each of them is controlled by a specific range on the keyboard, or even stacked on top of each other and stacked together.
Five Sounding Modes
Each layer has its own sounding mode: monophonic with last note priority, low and high note, paraphonic or polyphonic. In polyphonic mode, each voice has its own Attack/Release AM envelope. In Paraphonic mode, all voices in the layer share a single monophonic Attack/Release amplitude envelope. In mono modes, one voice is played, which can be the lowest, highest, or last note pressed.
Five types of filters
Layers can be further shaped using the mono filter section. There are several types of filters in this section; a pair of Highpass / Lowpass filters in series, an analog resonant filter in Lowpass, Bandpass or Highpass modes with various modulation options (including channel aftertouch) and a 9-band EQ. The Filter section can also be turned off completely.
Flexible Routing
Both layers can be routed separately to the Effects section. Level 1 can also be routed directly to a level 2 filter to create consistent filter tones.
The String Chorus section is modeled on the bucket-brigade that characterizes the sound of classic ensemble synths. Choose from two different chorus algorithms for either an authentic ensemble tone (Type 1) or a more modern, thicker sound. (Type 2). The built-in stereo phaser can be used to add movement, depth and interest to string tones. The effects section is completed by two monophonic bucket-brigade delay modules with independent timing and feedback settings that can be tempo-synced and linked together into a single stereo delay.
MIDI Learn All controls can be easily mapped to a hardware controller using the simplified MIDI Learn feature.

Add. Information : Instructions in the README. Tested on manjaro kde + reaper.
Put presets in ~/.Loomer/String/Presets/

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