Luftrum – Lunaris 2 v2.1 (KONTAKT)

Luftrum Lunaris 2 -

Lunaris 2 stands as the definitive pad instrument designed exclusively for NI Kontakt. Over the years, it has consistently solidified its reputation as the go-to industry standard for synthesizer pads. With a primary focus on delivering a wide array of pads, Lunaris 2 covers the entire spectrum of pad sounds – from classic analog and digital pads to ethereal string pads, cinematic soundscapes, and immersive 80s-style textures.

A Journey Through Cosmic Soundscapes:

Immerse yourself in the vast expanse of cosmic soundscapes with deep space pads that transport you to the outer reaches of the universe. Rewind time to the colorful era of the 80s and experience technicolor soundscapes that evoke nostalgia and creativity. Dive into crystalline wavetable textures that glisten like starlight, adding a touch of magic to your compositions.

Limitless Sound Exploration:

Lunaris 2 empowers you to effortlessly mix and match various sound sources, yielding instant and gratifying results. The intuitive XY pad allows you to sculpt and morph between different synth pads, unleashing your creativity in real-time. Whether you’re a composer, electronic musician, or sound designer, Lunaris 2 caters to a diverse range of users. Its intuitive interface allows for quick preset selection and immediate playability, while also catering to the needs of more advanced users.

What’s New in Lunaris 2:

Compared to its predecessor, Lunaris 2 introduces several exciting enhancements. You can now import samples via drag and drop, facilitating seamless sound customization. The interface has been thoughtfully redesigned, offering a more expansive workspace for your creative endeavors. Moreover, the core sound library has been significantly expanded, providing over twice the number of sound sources. Discover new effects, advanced features, and a vast collection of 530 presets – all dedicated to pads. These presets have been meticulously crafted by fourteen world-class sound designers, including renowned names such as Venus Theory, Electric Himalaya, Echo Season, and more.

Upgrade to Lunaris 2:

For existing Lunaris users, upgrading to Lunaris 2 is a breeze, priced at just $39. Both instruments can coexist on your system, allowing you to explore their unique sonic possibilities.


Lunaris 2 offers seamless integration with NI Kontakt Player, making it accessible without requiring the full version of Kontakt. You can use it with either the free Kontakt Player or the full Kontakt version 6.7.1 and later, without any limitations. This flexibility ensures Lunaris 2 can be effortlessly loaded into your preferred DAW, including Ableton Live, Logic, Reaper, Bitwig, and Cubase.

One Comment on “Luftrum – Lunaris 2 v2.1 (KONTAKT)”

  1. Thank you very much for this library, it’s amazing!
    How can I solve a problem, every time when I start Lunaris 2 library, I got an alert that it couldn’t find some wav file, in C:\Library\……folder?
    I have a Lunaris 2 library on my D:\ disk.
    Best wishes.

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