MAGIX – Audio Plugin Union v04.2023

Easy control, modern design and outstanding results!
welcome to AUDIO PLUGIN UNION. For musicians, producers and audio engineers who want to successfully complete their projects quickly and appreciate precision instruments.

Package and Features:
colorFX Suite v1.3.4
Color your sound : These enchanting sounds have an impressive character: The tonal palette ranges from delicate shine with an analog touch to radiant distortion. colorFX are not only subtle emulsifiers for masters and grouped tracks, but they can also give individual tracks a distinctive touch.

coreFX Suite v1.5.1
Powerful effects plug-ins for any DAW : Professional-level creative mixing and mastering – coreFX Suite brings nine essential effects to a new home. Premium sound design that delivers exactly what your work needs.

wizardFX Suite v1.1.10
Speed ​​up your mix : Whether it’s quick last-minute changes or inspiration during a brainstorming session, wizardFX speeds up any mix. Thanks to the philosophy of one slider and a large set of presets for various workflows, you will quickly reach the result: Just choose, listen and be inspired.

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