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The latest version of Samplitude offers above all a whole new level of sound editing. ARA and Melodyne essential allows you to achieve results that previously could not be dreamed of.
Unprecedented functional power: Thelatest version update allows you to work with sound in Samplitude Pro X at a completely new quality level. Now you can copy tracks even from one project to another. In this case, you can choose which of the settings will be saved during the transfer (these can be VST modules, AUX buses, Submix buses, return VSTi elements and others). New features will greatly facilitate your work at all stages.
Powerful. Stable. Extremely accurate:In the update of our powerful digital workstation, you will find more than 100 improvements and new features, in particular, the ability to embed external sound editors such as SOUND FORGE Pro or SpectraLayers Pro without any inconvenience. All users of Samplitude Pro X
have the opportunity to download the update for free. World-class sound processing: A Grammy winner who works for you personally! The Celemony Melodyne essential plug-in allows you to work in a way that makes sure you don’t feel ashamed of the results at any level. Repeatedly proven algorithms will allow you to turn around for real.
Work with pitch:Change the pitch for a material in which some inaccuracies were initially made, thus bringing projects to a professional level. Melodyne is distinguished primarily by the naturalness of sound when working with tone.
Timing correction:Change the timing for individual tones and notes of your material within wide boundaries. Stretching the tempo in Melodyne is not performed blindly, but taking into account specific musical characteristics and features.
Built in via ARA:Celemonys ARA extends the VST protocol in Samplitude Pro X, making the modules and the core program effectively “collaborate”. Among other things, the modules will have direct access to the tempo and pitch settings of the material.
Audio-to-MIDI: Duplicate a language track with a software tool, convert audio tracks to MIDI files for mixing, and make extensive use of a virtual drum machine: The new Audio-to-MIDI feature opens up completely new possibilities for you.
Mixer. Remixes: Wider? Above? Farther? New settings for the mixer are selected in accordance with specific tasks for a particular project. Regardless of whether you have 10 more expensive or 100, you will be able to reliably control what is happening. In addition, you can combine a modern digital fit with a “lamp” analog.
Tempo Automation and BPM Recognition:Samplitude Pro X calculates the speed of audio files automatically in the background. In combination with the built-in tempomat of the project, you will get a really powerful tool for creating music. If you change the playback tempo within a project, the tempo of the individual components automatically adjusts to the big picture.
Zynaptiq Orange Vocoder ME: The effect sets contained in Orange Vocoder ME will allow you to significantly expand the scope of what is achievable, experiment in materials, choosing the ideal option.
Add comments for tracks, objects and duplicates:You can record the settings for objects and tracks or evaluate the duplicate immediately after recording. You will have your own electronic notebook, which will help you to assess in detail what is happening during work.
New start dialog:Even before the recording starts, you can qualitatively adjust the sample frequency, resolution and other central characteristics. Thus, you will have complete freedom of creativity while working.
Pop Drums: The Pop Drums module combines electronic and tax, “lamp” drums. Create a decent foundation for music in any style, from the new wave to rock, pop and EDM.
Concert GrandBased on the sound of a concert grand piano in the world-famous concert hall, this instrument impresses primarily with its incomparable authenticity.
Cinematic Soundscapes: Create atmospheric music or a hard, carrying beat. Cinematic Soundscapes will give your project a magical, deep sound.
Church Organ: Church Organ Italian Grace! This instrument is based on the sound of a real sampled Venetian grand piano. Wide possibilities to customize the sound depending on the specific situation make this instrument even more attractive. Perfect for rock ballads, hip-hop and modern dance.

New in version
08/23/2021 Samplitude Pro X6 Version 17.1.0 Build 21418
Record / Playback
Display a warning when
(1) using monitoring without hybrid engine
(2) trying to record track output without hybrid engine
Problems with Undo during recording – fixed
Improved handling of Numpad0 during recording
Continuing record is now possible if corresponding query after record stop is activated
Scrubbing needs to be enabled again by Numpad0 after recording stopped
Having activated “FX always on top” now also opens the small record dialog “on top” so it can be used with opened effect
Recording multiple tracks was mistakenly canceled, even though there was sufficient hard drive space left – fixed
Recording was stopped at the end of the project when “Continuous playback while editing” is active – fixed
Indicator of active track / bus recording now already le ft from track sub menu entry
Incorrect latency compensation during recording of other tracks under certain circumstances – fixed
Software / Track FX monitoring did not work for tracks routed to the stereo master – fixed
Crash during the addition of sub tracks after activating record of surround tracks in the mixer – fixed
Import / export / file handling
Interleaved surround import
Various problems with interleaved files while activating AllHdpFilesInSubDirectory – fixed
Accelerated calculation of graphical data for interleaved files
Option for offline resampling is now also available for interleaved files
No import option request for drag’n’drop of interleaved files – fixed
Interleaved surround export
RIFF64 can now also be toggled in interleaved surround mode
Format settings dialog deactivated, since properties are not used here
Improved AAF compatibility
Compatibility adaptions for AAF export for ProTools
Various wave chunk corrections
32 bit float files are saved as 24 bit
Exported AAF with 32 Bit Float files cannot be opened in ProTools under certain circumstances
New option for converting to 24 Bit
Problems with time stamp after AAF export – fixed
AAF import
During conversion of LR files to stereo objects, object automation is maintained
No more overwrite query for offline resampling
Automatically create a new file
Improved handling for “link curves to objects” (including “link objects…” modes)
Improved coupling to object position
Update during moving of objects (update in neighbouring tracks is delayed)
Transfer of automation data when moving objects to other tracks
Volume, pan, dual pan, surround, etc.
Plug-in automation, if the same plug-in is found in the corresponding track
AUX automation, if an AUX send is found with the same target
Problems moving behind the end of the project – fixed
Cloning with the mouse or Ctrl + D now transfers automation to both the old and the new object(s)
Improved copying and pasting of automation nodes
If a range does not overlap any tracks, the active track is no longer used for copy or cut operations
This way, automation nodes can be copied in presence of a playback range
Old behaviour can be reactivated with [Factors] AllowRangeCopyForActiveTrack=1
On pasting automation nodes, a range is no longer created
Automation lanes
Value input of volume / AUX automation is now limited to +12 dB
Improved parameter display for dual pan / dual volume
Lane and color controls could be accessed under certain circumstances in the overview mode beneath the arranger
– fixed
AUX automation
improved assignment
Can be activated for existing AUX sends / outputs in the track
In addition, the assignment of an arbitrary AUX bus in the project can create and then automate an AUX
Send target used for parameter display
Problems during the automation of output sends – fixed
Various further problems with the value input in lanes – fixed
Jump / Glide menu entries now behave in the same way to the commands in the automation panel and respect the filters set
Additional menu comments removed
Automation panel now also present in the corresponding sub menu for faster access
Bug fixes
Object automation for plug-ins did not stay constant after last node – fixedFor older projects, there is now a warning shown on loading
Cancellation of Overwrite automation on switching the active track – fixed
EQ116: Wrong initial values during frequency automation – fixed
Accelerated deactivation of writing on switching from Latch to Touch/Read
Automation lanes are now considered on vertical zoom
Object automation vol left/right was not calculated under certain circumstances – fixed
Creating a new automation node now maintains curve value
Missing update bet ween automation lane controls and volume/pan controls
Avoid duplicate nodes at the same position
Improved end node handling
Object automation: selecting nodes sometimes changes the value – fixed
Deleting a range located after the last object of the project causes unwanted automation movement – fixed
Missing Plug-in GUI updates when recording automation in latch mode – fixed
In the mode “show all curves (not selectable)”, the mouse-over cursor for inactive curves was shown – fixed
Curve mode: lasso did not work in surround tracks – fixed
Crashed with object automation – fixed
In the Carbon skin, values could be written under certain circumstances, hovering the mouse over the track editor
Hardware controler
Plug-in values were not send on reading automation – fixed
Mixer / effects
AUX handling
Activating an A UX no longer needs two steps
Deactivating the AUX bypass or with activated automation, an automatic level of –89 dB is set
AUX 9 + 10 were ignored on track link / grouped tracks – fixed
AUX dialog could be opened multiple times from the routing dialog
Menu with copy & paste commands in EQ section of mixer
Allows copying and pasting between tracks, master, and objects
EQ can now be transfered between tracks and master via drag’n’drop
Optimized transfer of EQ settings for multiple selected tracks and objects, respectively
Track name and track color are transfered to plug-ins that can handle this
State was not correctly restored for some plug-ins during loading of projects
Support and additional menu entry for Vocalign Ultra
Open windows after removing ARA plug-ins in some cases – fixed

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