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MAGIX Samplitude Pro X6 Suite x86 x64 [2022, MULTILANG + RUS]

Integrated: Samplitude Pro X6 is one of the most successful and complete solutions for professional audio work. As a digital audio workstation (DAW) for Windows computers, Samplitude offers unlimited possibilities in terms of recording, editing, mixing, production and mastering. For over thirty years, this program has perfectly combined unique functionality, sound neutrality, outstanding editing capabilities, impeccable CD/DVD mastering, and flexible work environment customization.
Like all previous versions, this version was developed in close cooperation with musicians, sound engineers, producers and users, for whom Samplitude has become an integral part of their profession. This program contains many innovative features and promising new developments.
Full bit transparency and phase stability audio engine specially designed and optimized to meet the highest demands of professional standards. The program interface is fully customizable for maximum comfort.

What’s New in Samplitude Pro X6 Suite:
  1. Search for blanks in the plugin browser. You can now view plugin presets in the plugin browser tree structure. You can search for blanks using the search field and add them to your favorites.
  2. Show send sliders on top of channels in the mixer. Customize your aux sends more visually with the large sliders on the mixer channels.
  3. Track panning settings:
    + The panning editor shows which device the signal is outputting to after adjusting the stereo or surround panorama.
    + A new output is added with the [+] button.
    + Optionally, the panning rule can only be applied to the first output.
    + Settings can be transferred to all tracks, excluding buses. You can also pass a restriction on the first output to all tracks.
  4. New dynamic equalizer. In it, the bands can be adjusted according to the level of frequencies present, since each band of a peak or shelving filter has its own processing unit. That is, you can suppress the interfering frequency only in those segments where it is stronger, without affecting it in other places.
  5. Recording track outputs. The output of any track or bus can be selected as the audio input device of any other track.
  6. Automation panel. In this new window, you can switch the automation mode of all tracks at the same time, exclude curves of a certain type from automation, and manage other parameters.
  7. Other automation improvements. Added keyboard shortcuts for inserting and editing automation points along with the waveform. The copied automation data can be pasted onto multiple tracks at the same time. New Automation Review feature so that you can edit the parameters you automate without affecting existing automation.
  8. Dockable track editor. Now the track editor can be moved and docked and even made horizontal.
  9. Mode for editing a project during playback. Enable Independent playback on edit (enabled by default) to prevent the playhead from jumping to the beginning of selection regions while playback is in progress.
  10. New SoX resampling algorithm. Used for rendering and burning CDs. Has three phase modes.
  11. Other Improvements
    + In the Stereo Panorama Editor, the MS > LP parameter can be used to directly convert a Mid-Side signal to stereo.
    + Added menu commands for showing and hiding tracks in the mixer and arranger.
    + The Record computer sound (default device) option in the recording options window allows you to record computer sounds (such as music from a web browser).
    + The Cut on Silence feature has a new faster algorithm. To make the function work with sample accuracy, it can be turned off.
    + You can now switch workspaces, mixer snapshots and mixer settings using the keyboard. The menu View > Advanced has special commands for this, which can be assigned keyboard shortcuts.
    + Added a new system option to add automatic transitions when loading sound files into a project.
    + New command View > Window > All windows to main screen to display all windows on the main screen after the secondary screen has been disabled.
What’s new in Samplitude Pro X6 Suite
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A detailed list of all the improvements and fixes of the program is opened from the installer of the crack or from the program itself by a command in the Help menu .
Installation procedure + about crack:
1. Install the program (Setup.exe). Do not run.
2. Install the update (from the Update folder). Do not run.
3. Copy the files from the Crack folder to the program installation folder with replacement.
4. If desired, install the crack (on behalf of the administrator) and restart the computer.
Installation of crack
Close Samplitude before installation. If the crack is being installed for the first time, at the end of the installation, be sure to restart the PC so that the Russian characters are displayed correctly in the program.
The composition of the crack
Russifier includes translation of the program interface, all user manuals, online help, references for built-in plug-ins and tools, a useful step-by-step tutorial, a printable list of keyboard shortcuts, as well as a utility for editing hidden settings in ini files.
To open help in any program window, click ?, select Help, or press F1.
After installing the crack, shortcuts to help and utilities will appear in a folder on the desktop.
Questions and answers
How to remove Russification
To return to English, select Help > Language > English. You can set the Russian language in the same menu with the Automatic command (if the command did not work, reinstall the crack). It is not required to remove the crack in the control panel.
Incorrect coding on panels and windows (“crakozyabry”)
Run CodepagesRUS.bat in the program folder (C:\Program Files\MAGIX\Samplitude Pro X6 Suite) as administrator and restart your computer.
Hebrew is displayed instead of Russian
Run CodepagesORIG.cmd in the program folder as an administrator, then run CodepagesRUS.bat as an administrator and restart your computer.
The translation of all commands, windows and help is carefully verified. If you notice any mistake, you have a suggestion or desire to help me, you are welcome to contact me by mail [email protected]
I thank all the users, friends and acquaintances who participated in the project for the support and help.
I wish you a pleasant work in Samplitude in Russian!

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