Make Pop Music – Poptopia (Serum Presets)

MakePopMusic Poptopia

Poptopia has arrived! Poptopia is our brand new pack of 350 Serum Presets and we have gone above and beyond with this one! We have partnered up with a selected team of sound designers and producers to bring you the most flexible, usable, inspiring, and sonically invigorating pop presets we’ve ever seen on the market. We wanted to make a Serum Preset pack that would be useful for every genre under the sun, so in Poptopia you will find 350 presets that work in a plethora of styles such as modern pop, smooth R&B, heavy hitting trap and hip hop, atmospheric pop rock, etc.
Each preset in Poptopia has been handcrafted from the ground up and has been carefully constructed to give you instant inspiration as you flip through this pack. We have had every preset designed with 4 Macro controls that help morph, mangle, tweak, and customize every patch. With these custom Macro controls, the options for amazing sounds for your records are virtually endless.
In addition to the 350 presets, we have also included 234 custom noises, and 79 custom wavetables. These additions to the pack are amazing for building your own presets in Serum, and you will definitely want to utilize these beyond the preset they were designed for!
We have also created 3 brand new, custom Serum Skins that are exclusive to Poptopia! If you’ve been looking for a way to spice up your Serum GUI, we have you covered!
If the presets, noises, wavetables, and skins weren’t enough, we took it a step further and made an exclusive series of videos and tutorials to help you install the pack, navigate the pack, tweak sounds, reverse engineer the presets, and get the most out of Poptopia.
350 Presets:
– 808s
– Arps
– Atmosphere
– Basses
– Bells
– Brass
– Chord
– Drum
– FX
– Guitar
– Key
– Lead
– Mallet
– Pad
– Pluck
– String
– Synth
– Vocal
234 Noises:
– 79 Wavetables
– 3 Serum Skins

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