Mastering The Mix – Collection v1.8m STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AAX x64

Mastering The Mix has one main goal: to help you make your music better than ever!
Using our plugins, you will solve the most complex problems that you face in the studio and create the best music.

Included in the package
ANIMATE v1.1.7 – multi-purpose mixing plugins (EXPAND, GROW, IGNITE, PUNCH)
BASSROOM v1.0.8 – Final Mix & Mastering EQ.
EXPOSE v2.0.3 – Standalone application for sound quality control.
LEVELS v2.0.3 – plugin for sound mixing and measurement.
MIXROOM v1.0.8 is an intelligent and versatile equalizer.
REFERENCE v2.0.5 – Utility plugin for mixing and mastering.
RESO v1.0.4 – Dynamic resonance suppression.

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