Monthly – Hitmaking for Producers with Louis Bell TUTORiAL

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DATE…: 14 May 2021
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Louis Bell Teaches Hitmaking for Producers
Become a better producer in 30 days. During this one-month class, learn #1
producer Louis Bell’s entire process for crafting hit songs – the same process
that has earned him more #1 songs than any other songwriter or producer in the
past few years. Finish the class with 2 release-ready songs of your own.

Become a better producer in 30 days
Acclaimed producer Louis Bell teaches you everything he knows in this one-month
class, transforming the way you make music. Louis is recognized as the genius
producer behind #1 hits for artists like Post Malone, Camila Cabello, Justin
Bieber, Halsey, Taylor Swift, and many others. Immerse yourself in his unique
process and leave the class with 2 release-ready songs of your own.

Learn through a step-by-step curriculum
Drastically improve your skills through in-depth video lessons, projects, and
feedback sessions. It’s a world-class curriculum and unforgettable learning
experience designed to level you up.

Pre-class: Onboarding and Introduction
Before class starts, there are few things you’ll need to do to be ready to go
on Day 1. Louis Bell explains how to get set up and what you’ll need to have
and know ahead of time to get the most out of the class.

Days 1-15: End-To-End Songwriting & Music Production
In this part of the class, Louis walks through his full songwriting and
production process by creating an original song in real time, from start to
finish. He walks through his entire process of developing a song, including how
he writes melodies and lyrics, produces synth, drums, bass, and other
instrument parts, uses effects and automation to shape and adjust his sounds,
and mixes and finalizes the track. You will follow along with Louis
step-by-step and end Part 1 with your own original song.

Days 16-30: Crafting a Song for an Artist
In the second part of the class, Louis demonstrates how to write a song with an
artist, working alongside them in the studio to come up with the lyrics,
melody, and arrangement. After the song is written and recorded, Louis shows
how he produces the track, including his complete vocal production process. You
will write and produce a second song by collaborating with an artist, friend,
or musician in your life.


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