Native Instruments – Cremona Quartet (KONTAKT)

CREMONA QUARTET brings together four of the most valuable stringed instruments in the world. With phase-aligned stereo samples and captured vibrato, as well as extensive chromatic sampling of 20 articulations, all the quirks and nuances of these historical treasures are now available to producers with a host of state-of-the-art parameter controls.

KONTAKT VERSION REQUIREMENTS Kontakt Player or Full v6.2.2 or higher

Additional Information
Known as the birthplace of strings, the Italian city of Cremona has a long and special history. Built hundreds of years ago with wood from the surrounding forests, each instrument has its own unique personality, and together their sound represents the heart, soul and magic of the region. A collection of four cherished string instruments dating back to the 1600s, CREMONA QUARTET captures and preserves every detail of their rare characteristics.
These instruments were made by the finest luthiers in history. With each articulation of every note played by virtuoso performers in Cremona’s Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi, and recorded in exceptional detail, their sounds are now immortalized for contemporary productions.
Born around 1644, household name Antonio Stradivari is the most famous luthier in the history of violin making. His innovations in proportion and shape set trends that continue to influence the craft today. His ‘Vesuvius’ violin, the leader of our CREMONA QUARTET, was built in 1727 towards the end of the master craftsman’s golden period.
You can also access the sound of Vesuvius in solo form with STRADIVARI VIOLIN.
Though best known for violin making, Stradivari also made other stringed instruments. His ‘Stauffer’ cello, built in 1700, is listed as an Italian national treasure. Completing the quartet with luscious deep tones, it adds weight to the overall sound of the ensemble.
Stradivari may be the world’s most famous violin maker, but many of the world’s most prominent players and composers consider Guarneri del Gesù to be the best. The second violin in the quartet is his ‘Prince Doria’, built in 1734.
A pioneering luthier, Andrea Amati is widely regarded as the inventor of the violin as we know it. His son Gerolamo continued this tradition in the family workshop in Cremona, and built the quartet’s oldest instrument, the ‘Stauffer’ viola, in 1614.
The sounds of CREMONA QUARTET were captured using a bespoke array of microphones and preamps, placed in a specially designed acoustic environment. Even the local people of Cremona played their part, with all traffic near the auditorium stopped for the duration of the recordings, to ensure that no external noise could interrupt the process.
Product type:
•KOMPLETE Instrument
Instrument type:
•Solo Violin, Solo Cello, Solo Viola
For use with:
•Free KONTAKT PLAYER version 6.2.2 and higher, or KONTAKT version 6.2.2 and higher.
Sound category:
•Solo Strings
Number of NKIs:
•2 per instrument, 8 in total
Download size:
•Stradivari Violin 23.5 GB (about 39 GB uncompressed sample pool)
•Guarneri Violin 25.6 GB (about 42 GB uncompressed sample pool)
•Amati Viola 24.3 GB (about 40 GB uncompressed sample pool)
•Stradivari Cello 27.3 GB (about 45 GB uncompressed sample pool)
System requirements:
•Free KONTAKT PLAYER version 6.2.2 and higher, or KONTAKT version 6.2.2 and higher.
New Versions
v1.1.3 2020-11-16
FIXED Some snapshots not loading correctly in Maschine and Komplete
IMPROVED Impulse response for vibrato sound
FIXED Samples would load on restart even for purged NKI
v1.0.1 – 2020-11-02
IMPROVED Impulse response for vibrato sound
FIXED Samples would load on restart even for purged NKIs

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