Native Instruments – Kontakt PORTABLE 6.7.1 STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX* x64

Update of the popular sampler. Contact allows you to play and process previously recorded audio data – samples of musical instruments, sound effects, vocal tracks, etc. – but this is only a small part of the full range of its capabilities. In Vkontakte, you can use ready-made instruments from a huge number of libraries from third-party developers or create your own virtual instruments, apply powerful built-in processing modules to their audio signals, build complex performance schemes with various modulation links. Everything is possible – from the ultra-accurate recreation of real instruments to the creation of original instruments that are unlike anything else.
The main innovation of the sixth version of Contact is a wave table engine that allows new hybrid instruments that combine synthesis with sampling to create unique sound textures.
Additional functionality:
1. Activation of protected libraries is not required, the ability to register (add to bookmarks) in batch mode.
2. Ability to edit patches of protected libraries.
3. Possibility of resaving with samples patches of protected libraries.
4. Ability to edit password-protected scripts.
Features portable (PORTABLE) version :
1. Installation, including additional software (Service Center, Native Access, MS VS C ++ runtime), is not required.
2. All settings are saved in the program’s portable folder (the Windows registry and other system stores are not used, administrator rights are not required * ).
3. Integrated Library Manager, which provides full control over protected libraries, and also allows you to register unprotected (self-made) libraries without generating nicnt files.
4. Ability to work simultaneously with the installed version of the Contact without conflicts and with different settings.
* Requires (super)administrator rights if the portable program folder is placed in a protected system storage (for example, in Program Files) – such a location for portable programs is unnatural and not recommended.
Kontakt PORTABLE is not compatible with the NKS (Native Kontrol Standard):
1. Instruments of NKS-compatible libraries added to Kontakt PORTABLE will not appear on the screen of an NKS hardware device (Komplete Kontrol or Maschine). Accordingly, they cannot be selected, previewed and downloaded directly from the device browser, but only through the interface of the Contact itself.
2. The controls of an NKS-compatible library instrument loaded into the Kontakt PORTABLE are not automatically assigned to the controllers of the NKS device, only manually in the standard way for external MIDI devices (MIDI Learn).

What’s new

6.7.1 – 2022-04-04 FIXED
Upgrading to Kontakt 6.7.0 could cause a crash when trying to create a database under certain conditions FIXED Level meters
for some effects did not work in instrument edit mode
FIXED Deleting an Outputs section preset could cause the Contact to crash under certain conditions
FIXed Step Modulator: Step 17 was missing as a modulation target
FIXED Edit All Buses button not working for send effects FIXED
Ctrl+F9 shortcut to jump to the 9th tab in the Browser Files menu
FIXED Information text area panel now adjusts to rack width
FIXED Popup menu in Outputs section did not open under certain conditions
ADDED Outputs section close button
IMPROVED Zone colors in Mapping Editor are now more contrast

for tool developers
FIXED KSP Crash when using output_channel_name() under certain conditions

6.7.0 – 2022-02-14
IMPROVED In the settings, you can choose to replace or absorb instruments in the rack when loading an nkm patch (Options->Loading->Merge new Multi with the existing one)
ADDED new factory effects (Bass Invader and Bass amplifiers Pro)
FIXED Contact in VST3 format could crash when loading tools with very long host automation names
FIXED Memory was not deallocated correctly in VST3 under certain conditions
Built-in Effects:
FIXED Replika : In ping-pong mode, stored parameters were incorrectly restored starting with Kontakt 6.6.1
FIXED Replika : Bus slots did not follow tempo changes
FIXED Plate Reverb : Playing incorrectly in stereo when saved in mono
FIXED Lo-Fi : Noise parameter lost control in real time after modulating SRate or Bits
parameters FIXED 3×2 Versatile: Gain parameter value could not be set by numeric text entry
FIXED Phasis : modulation misbehaving
FIXED Automation above 511 could not be dragged onto UI elements
FIXED Stepper modulator can now modulate all 32 steps
FIXED Convolution: zero delay mode for all factory presets
FIXED Browser, Expert tab : number of zones cut off when exceeding 9999 FIXED: QuickLoad
panel overlapped virtual keyboard FIXED Long sample paths were cut off when hovering over the sample name in the Mapping Editor and Wave Editor FIXED minor GUI cosmetic fixes FIXED Info Panel : various fixes

FIXED Factory scripts using the duration bar are now tempo-synced in offline Contact format.
FIXED Allow alterative file types (“Search for files with other extensions”): now enabled by default in the sample search dialog
CHANGED VST3: Event Input and Event Output renamed to MIDI Inputs and MIDI Outputs for consistency
ADDED new factory scripts Alternate Pan Modulation , MIDI Latch 6x and Rotate Chords
FIXED Factory script MultiCh Transpose : Settings not saved

for tool developers
FIXED KSP Crash when declaring KSP file_browser under certain conditions
FIXED KSP Saving a string array would add an extra white space
FIXED KSP Loading a Windows-formatted (CR/LF) NKA file would result in superfluous empty lines
IMPROVED KSP Snapshot mode 2 and 3 can now be set, allowing to only store persistent KSP variables

6.6.1 – 2021-09-08 FIXED
under certain conditions projects with Kontakt VST3 would not open correctly in Cubase.
FIXED in projects using the Kontakt VST3 with multiple outputs, it would [always] start up with factory output settings.
FIXED CPU usage spikes could occur when a network connection was not found
FIXED Incoming MIDI CC automation could in some cases be interpreted by the DAW as host automation
FIXED when changing snapshots in Komplete Kontrol NKS parameter values for VST3 were not updated
ADDED new factory scripts: Poly Aftertouch Support , Individual Key Retrigger and 2 XY MIDI Controllers
ADDED changing images and adding libraries by drag and drop from the explorer to the Library Manager (external drag-n-drop)
CHANGED delayed changing of images by pressing the Save button in the Library Manager
FIXED VST3 plugin does not pass the check in Komplete Kontrol

6.6.0 – 2021-07-06
32-bit formats CHANGED Load/Import
settings tab renamed to Loading ADDED User libraries path can now be set in Loading tab ADDED Arpeggiator factory preset (sync) based on monitoring for reliable sync with host ADDED About window now shows format (Standalone, VST, VST3, AAX) FIXED When modulating an amp release, the release speed was delayed by one note. FIXED On Windows, Contact could crash if the system folder with the user’s documents was on a USB or network drive.

FIXED Contact could crash when dragging tools in the bank.
FIXED In some cases, external modulator names were missing from instruments created in 4th Contact or earlier.
FIXED Wavetable Inharmonic spinner was incorrectly calibrated (0..100% instead of -100%..+100%)
FIXED Cosmetic fixes in GUI.

for tool developers
ADDED KSP New KSP command redirect_output()
IMPROVED KSP It is now possible to refresh the ui_file_selector
ADDED KSP EVENT_PARs can be now routed to various destinations
ADDED KSP It is now possible to attach the ui_meter to gain reduction meters
ADDED KSP Level meter ranges and orientation can now be set with $CONTROL_PAR_RANGE_MIN and $CONTROL_PAR_RANGE_MAX

6.5.3 – 2021-04-27 FIXED
Transient Master could interrupt the audio signal under certain conditions.
FIXED Effects loaded in the Main Effects module could break the audio signal under certain conditions.
FIXED Loading a DAW preset with missing content could result in unpredictable Contact behavior.
FIXED When changing the source mode, the zone speed was reset to the default value.
ADDED (PORTABLE): pictures folder from 5th Contact factory content ( link )
FIXED Contact crashed when trying to fix missing content under certain conditions.
IMPROVED Fixing missing content is much faster now.
FIXED Tools created with Contact 6.5.x might not load correctly in earlier versions.
6.5.1 – 2021-02-09 FIXED
Contact crash when trying to fix missing content in Cubase.
FIXED Effects in the Instrument Buses and Main Effects sections were out of sync with the tempo.
FIXED hang when trying to fade out when the sample is not loaded yet.
6.5.0 – 2021-01-27 FIXED
GUI scaling issue in Cubase, Ableton and Studio One
FIXED Contact was not releasing memory correctly
FIXED Manual entry of BPM in the Grid section of the Sample Editor did not work
FIXED Selecting groups using the arrow keys in the Group Editor did not work
FIXED Playing samples under certain conditions could crash when rendering in High or Perfect modes.
FIXED Main FX section was getting incorrect values from snapshots
FIXED Main FX section was not correctly calling host automation assignments
FIXED Manipulating the Volume Envelope of the Convolution Reverb in the Main Effects section was causing the Contact to crash
FIXED Incorrect parameter values were passed to the engine when selecting various menu items in the Supercharger GT FIXED
Boundary pushing of low and high note or velocity fade was inconsistent Treats, Kinetic Toys) did not fully fix missing content ADDED Additional factory presets for multi-patch FIXED Minor GUI cosmetic fixes.

for tool developers
ADDED KSP New constant $NI_KONTAKT_IS_HEADLESS returns true if running in Maschine+
ADDED KSP New function get_event_mark() to match the existing set_event_mark(), checks if a bit-mark is set or not for a specific event
ADDED KSPKSP Picture not found now returns a script warning
IMPROVED KSP Number of maximum declared controls of each type increased from 512 to 999 (except for ui_file_selector)

Library Manager:
– Simplified procedure for adding libraries;
– import of libraries from the registry (YuriOl);
– automatic search for lost libraries when changing the drive letter (shamagov)
6.4.2 – 2020-09-21
FIXED Under certain conditions, loading multiple copies of the Contact into the Vienna Ensemble could cause the Contact to crash
FIXED Rapid loading and unloading of instruments could cause the Contact to crash
FIXED The restless Supercharger GT is still out of place in some menus
FIXED Minor graphical bugs and inconsistencies
ADDED New factory KSP presets in Utility: Single Sample Drop .nkp and Group Selector .nkp
ADDED Presets for Keytracking Modulation Filters
6.4.1 – 2020-09-01
FIXED Incorrectly long decay of notes under certain conditions (Cinematic Studio Strings and other libraries)
FIXED Contact crashes when batch resaving some libraries
FIXED Custom instrument zones could cause Contact crashes under certain conditions
FIXED Effects menu, section Dynamics: Supercharger GT breaks the alphabetical order of the list of effects
6.4.0 – 2020-08-26
ADDED two new built-in effects to the Dynamics section (SUPERCHARGER GT, Transparent Limiter).
ADDED new signal processing module MainEffects.
The MainEffects chain operates on the summed output of all insert and send effects
(unless they are routed directly to the aux channel). They act as the final processing chain for your signal before the output of the instrument.
A typical use of the Main Effects section is to apply a limiter to your instrument’s final output to avoid digital clipping.
Using a compressor in this chain allows you to control the dynamics of the instrument’s output, as well as layer bonding for a more balanced sound.

FIXED Replika built-in delay controls not remembering values correctly. When used as a send effect, the Replika return parameter did not work correctly
FIXED Contact crashed in some edge cases when entering values into edit fields manually
ADDED Remap Keyboard.nkp factory preset for multi-patch
IMPROVED Change Keys.nkp factory preset for multi-patch
ADDED more factory content presets into sections: Replika, Plate Reverb and Effects Chains

for tool developers
ADDED KSP New constants for the argument when setting and getting engine parameters ($NI_SEND_BUS, $NI_INSERT_BUS, $NI_MAIN_BUS)
IMPROVED KSP The number of maximum MIDI object export areas has been increased to 512
ADDED KSP A new constant that defines which area should be used when dragging from a specific label ($CONTROL_PAR_MIDI_EXPORT_AREA_IDX)
ADDED KSP A new command that defines the number of MIDI object export areas mf_set_num_export_areas()
ADDED KSP A new command mf_copy_export_area() is used to manage the usage of the new additional export areas
ADDED KSP New bindings for Inverter and Amplifier parameters for Phase Invert and L/R swap ($ENGINE_PAR_PHASE_INVERT, $ENGINE_PAR_LR_SWAP)
ADDED KSP A new constant allows up to 16 custom event parameters to be assigned ($EVENT_PAR_CUSTOM)
FIXED KSP Showing and hiding a label with a drop target did not work correctly

6.3.2 – 2020-08-03
FIXED Kontakt crashed in some edge cases with some libraries
FIXED AET filter didn’t work correctly
FIXED Kontakt 6.3.1 crashed due to scripts in libraries having errors
IMPROVED MIDI Monitor .nkp factory preset now also monitors key release speed
6.3.1 – 2020-07-09
FIXED With some libraries Contact was causing stutter and lagging playhead in the
IMPROVED performance for libraries with overloaded user interfaces
IMPROVED rendering of graphical controls on change
ADDED scripts to factory content to calibrate keystroke velocity and transpose all instruments at once in multi-patch:
MultiCh Change Velocity .nkp
MultiCh Transpose .nkp FIXED
If, when binding an external MIDI controller to a graphical control (MIDI Learn), the script generated some internal MIDI event, then the control was bound to it, and not to the external controller
FIXED A number of minor GUI bugs

for tool developers
ADDED KSP New constant for handling release velocity (SEVENT_PAR_REL_VELOCITY)
ADDED KSP New constant for the hiding value display of ui_table (SHIDE_PART_VALUE)

6.2.2 – 2020-02-17
FIXED: Using the Super Audio Cart library (Impact Soundworks) could cause a freeze and crash in some cases FIXED: Contact could
still freeze and crash on some instruments when batch
resaving FIXED: Contact could crash when trying to load an instrument from Windows Explorer
FIXED: Contact could crash when setting LFO Retrigger for multiple groups
FIXED: After using Creator Tools, file links could be broken when saving and reloading the tool in Contact
6.2.1 – 2019-12-03
For portable version – nothing
6.2.0 – 2019-11-14
FIXED: Frequent crashes during Batch Resave operations FIXED
: Crashes when saving an instrument (nki) after assigning automation to newly added Reverb and Delay effects by the user.
FIXED: Clicks were heard in some cases when playing looped samples in Time Machine Pro mode
IMPROVED: Now when saving an instrument with missing resources (samples, NKR, etc.) references to the missing resources are not removed from the instrument, i.e. you can load the instrument, ignore missing samples, save it and reload without losing data.
IMPROVED: Adjusted the speed of scrolling and animation in the Libraries browser tab.
ADDED: Three new built-in modulation effects – Choral, Flair and Phasis
ADDED: A new item in the Mapping Editor’s Edit menu. Allows you to manually remove all zones with missing samples

for tool developers
FIXED KSP: Switches and menus would get stuck in their hover states under certain circumstances
FIXED KSP: In certain cases, when a control was within a panel, its position would be 1 pixel off of what was expected
IMPROVED KSP: purge_group() now returns an async ID, allowing for reliable tracking of the operations completion
ADDED KSP: There is a new type of zone that can be created and is fully accessible from KSP, allowing for dynamic mapping of samples, including end-user ones (set_num_user_zones(), set_sample(), set_zone_par(), set_loop_par() & is_zone_empty())
ADDED KSP: All zone parameters can now be read from KSP (get_sample(), get_zone_par() & get_loop_par()); available for both user zones & standard ones
ADDED KSP: New MIR functions to detect pitch, RMS, peak level and loudness of any zone (user or standard)
ADDED KSP: New MIR functions to classify samples based on their audio characteristics (eg, Kick , Snare, Choir, Synth, etc)
ADDED KSP: New UI widget (ui_mouse_area), this first iteration of which allows dropping files from the system to an instrument’s UI
ADDED KSP: New command to make handling asynchronous operations more convenient (wait_async())
Russian-language user manual from Minusmaker


How to install Kontakt 6 PORTABLE:

1. Create an empty folder. The name of the folder itself and the path to it MUST NOT CONTAIN CYRILLIC. The folder MUST BE WRITTEN.
2. Run the installer KontaktPortable_v671.exe
3. Press the Browse… button and select the created empty folder
4. Press the Extract button

How to update Kontakt 6.xx PORTABLE to Kontakt 6.7.0 PORTABLE:

1. Run the installer KontaktPortable_v671.exe
2. Press the Browse… button and select the folder where the Kontakt 6.xx PORTABLE files are located: 3. Press the Extract button 4. When the Confirm file replace window appears , confirm the replacement of files (Press Yes to All )


32-bit formats are not automatically removed during the upgrade. You can continue to use them or delete them (manually delete the Kontakt6Portable\Kontakt\x86 folder ).

How to roll back Kontakt PORTABLE to one of the previous versions:

1. Delete everything in the Kontakt PORTABLE folder except the UserData folder
2. Download the installer of the previous version (KontaktPortable_v6xx.exe)
3. Run the installer KontaktPortable_v6xx.exe
2. Press the Browse… button and select the folder where the Kontakt 6.7.1 files were located PORTABLE (after deletion, only the UserData folder with your user data remained): 3. Press the Extract button


How to transfer settings and libraries from Kontakt 5.7.x – 5.8 PORTABLE to Kontakt 6 PORTABLE

0. Close all copies of Kontakt 6 PORTABLE, including VST plugins.
1. Copy the UserData folder from the Kontakt 5 Portable root folder to the Kontakt 6 Portable root folder.
2. Open the copied folder UserData , find the subfolders Kontakt and Kontakt 5 there . Delete the contact folder. Rename the Kontakt 5 folder to Kontakt 3. Open the Settings.cfg
file in the copied folder in a text editor, find the line [Kontakt 5] , replace it with [Kontakt Application] Save changes.

How to add Kontakt 6 PORTABLE VST to a host (DAW)

Method 1 :
Open your host settings and add the Kontakt6Portable\Kontakt\x64\VST\ folder as an additional plugin scan folder. Please refer to your DAW manual for details.
Method 2 :
Run Kontakt6Portable\Install.exe and create a link to portable Contact’s VST plugins in one of the folders already scanned by your host

How to add Kontakt 6 PORTABLE VST3 to a host (DAW)

Method 1 :
Open your host settings and add the Kontakt6Portable\Kontakt\x64\VST3\ folder as an additional plugin scan folder. Please refer to your DAW manual for details.
This method is suitable for hosts that do not limit themselves to scanning VST3 plugins only in the standard location (Cockos Reaper, Magix Samplitude,…)
Method 2 :
Run Kontakt6Portable\Install.exe and select “Add VST3 plugin” to create a link to the VST3 plugin portable Contact in the standard scan folder for VST3 plugins.

How to add Kontakt 6 PORTABLE to ProTools
Run Kontakt6Portable\Install.exe and select “Add AAX to ProTools” (on the component selection page).
How to quickly add installed libraries to Kontakt PORTABLE
How to extract libraries from official installers
How to install scattered library content in Kontakt PORTABLE

For the full operation of some libraries, it is not enough to download the library folder itself, you need to copy certain content from the library folder to one of the standard Windows folders in the user profile. Thus, some of the content of the library “scatters”, goes beyond the library folder.
The search and storage of such files in Kontakt PORTABLE is redirected from the standard folders in the user profile to the Kontakt PORTABLE folder, namely to the UserData folder, where all the user data of the Contact is located.
The general principle of installing the scattered content of the library.
You can find out in which folder these additional files should be uploaded from the manual, from the description or discussion of the distribution.
In general terms like this: \ Native Instruments \rest of the path\ , where is either My DocumentsC:\Users\\Documents ,or Local Application DataC:\Users\\AppData\LocalWe get the path to the folder where we need to copy the files so that the library working from Kontakt PORTABLE “sees” them:
1) Replace the path to the standard folder with the path to the UserData folder:Native Instruments \rest of path\2) Native Instruments is thrown out of the path (if any):\remaining path\3) If the rest of the path contains “Kontakt 5” (the old library from the time of the 5th Contact), then replace it with “Kontakt”Examples of installing scattered content.Vasya is involved in the examples, who
has a user profile here: C:\Users\Vasya\
– standard folder Local application data, respectively, here: C:\Users\Vasya\AppData\Local\
– standard folder My documents, respectively, here: C:\ Users\Vasya\Documents\
– Contact is here: E:\KontaktPORTABLE\
– All of his user data of the Contact is respectively here: E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData

Drumasonic 2

Music Services – Drumasonic 2
There are 2 additional installers in the distribution.
On the topic pages, we learn what these installers do:

all presets (.nka) + my_drumasonic_license.nka are copied to the folder:
C:\Users\account name\AppData\Local\Drumasonic\Data

That is, the license file my_drumasonic_license.nka must be placed in the Data folder with the rest of the nka files, then copy this entire folder to the standard folder Local application data , in our case for the installation Contact:C:\Users\Vasya\AppData\Local \Drumasonic\We replace the path to the standard folder Local Application Data with the path to the UserData folder:E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\Drumasonic\The rest of the path ( Drumasonic\ ) does not contain “Native Instruments”, so we leave it as is.
Create a folder E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\Drumasonic\ and copy the Data folder with nka files into it.
Installation completed.

Modern Animated Perception

Sample Logic – Modern Animated Percission
Information from the manual: the Presets – MAP
folder must be placed for the 6th Contact in

users/documents/Native Instruments/Kontakt

We are talking about the My Documents folder, namely:C:\Users\Vasya\Documents \ Native Instruments \KontaktWe replace the path to the standard My Documents folder with the path to the UserData folder:E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\ Native Instruments \KontaktWe remove Native Instruments from the path:E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\KontaktCopy the folder Presets – MAP to E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\Kontakt
Installation completed.

Renegade Electric Guitar

Indiginus Samples – Renegade Electric Guitar
Information from the manual: the
Snapshots \ Renegade folder must be placed in

%USER_PROFILE\Documents\Native Instruments\User Content\Kontakt\

We are talking about the My Documents folder, namely:C:\Users\Vasya\Documents \ Native Instruments \User Content\Kontakt\We replace the path to the standard My Documents folder with the path to the UserData folder:E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\ Native Instruments \User Content\Kontakt\We remove Native Instruments from the path:E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\User Content\Kontakt\Copy the Renegade folder with snapshots to E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\User Content\Kontakt\
Installation completed.

L.A. Scoring Strings 2

L.A. Scoring Strings 2
In the distribution header we read:

from the folder “missing files” copy the contents to the directory: Documents/Native Instruments/Kontakt 5/pictures/ARC,
Documents/Native Instruments/Kontakt 5/presets/MultiScripts/ARC 1.06.nkp

Information from the distribution discussion: these are bad missing files, but there are no good ones in the distribution, but there is a link to the ARC 2.51.rar archive
We are talking about the My Documents folder, namely:
ARC folder for installed Contact 5th version should be here:C:\Users\Vasya\Documents \ Native Instruments \ Kontakt 5 \pictures\the ARC 2.51.nkp file for installed Contact 5th version should be here:C:\Users\Vasya\Documents \ Native Instruments \ Kontakt 5 \presets\MultiScripts\We replace the path to the standard My Documents folder with the path to the UserData folder:E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\ Native Instruments \ Kontakt 5 \pictures\E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\ Native Instruments \ Kontakt 5 \presets\MultiScripts\We remove Native Instruments from the paths:E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\ Kontakt 5 \pictures\E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\ Kontakt 5 \presets\MultiScripts\We replace “Kontakt 5” with “Kontakt” (we do not have the 5th, but the 6th version):E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\Kontakt\pictures\E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\Kontakt\presets\MultiScripts\Copy the ARC folder from the archive to E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\Kontakt\pictures\
Copy the ARC 2.51.nkp file from the archive to E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\Kontakt\presets\MultiScripts\
Installation completed.

Problem solving:

VST3: swallowed and stuck notes in Reaper

Insert NoteChoke into effect chain before Contact or update Reaper to current version (6.36+)

Cubase/Nuendo does not see installed Contact, only Portable

Change the identifier (PluginId) in the plugin settings:
VST: KontaktPortable\Kontakt\x64\VST\Settings.ini
VST3: KontaktPortable\Kontakt\x64\VST3\Settings.ini,
after renaming the plugin or creating a copy of the plugin with a different name.
The renaming is necessary so that the DAW rescans the plug-in after a restart, and does not use the old plug-in information obtained from the previous scan. Instead of renaming, you can use the appropriate utilities to change the modification date of the plugin file (Kontakt Portable x64.vst3 / Kontakt Portable x64.dll).
In this example, the factory identifier Ni$D is replaced with Nio5 – the identifier of the modified plug-ins from the Kontakt Portable v5.8 kit

Library tools open with a red DEMO caption

Register (add) a library in the Library Manager
If the library is not added automatically after selecting a folder due to a missing/corrupted/under-downloaded registration file (nicnt-file), then manual (forced) addition will not solve the problem.
Protected libraries are only registered when automatically added. 

Library not added

If the library is custom / unprotected and there is no registration file in the library delivery and, accordingly, it is not intended to be added to the Contact’s bookmarks, then it can still be added as shown in this example.
The only thing to take into account is that this method of adding should always be preceded by an automatic search, because if there are protected libraries in the folder, they will not be properly registered when manually added.
Unable to update/change database (Readonly database)

Delete file \UserData\Kontakt\Db\kontaktdb2_56 Lock

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