Native Instruments – Kontakt PORTABLE 7.0.11 STANDALONE, VSTi3, AAX* x64

NativeInstruments KontaktPORTABLE

Update of the popular sampler. Contact allows you to play and process previously recorded audio data – samples of musical instruments, sound effects, vocal tracks, etc. – but this is only a small part of the full range of its capabilities. In Vkontakte, you can use ready-made instruments from a huge number of libraries from third-party developers or create your own virtual instruments, apply powerful built-in processing modules to their audio signals, build complex performance schemes with various modulation links. Everything is possible – from the ultra-accurate recreation of real instruments to the creation of original instruments that are unlike anything else.
Additional functionality:
1. Activation of protected libraries is not required, the ability to register (add to bookmarks) in batch mode.
2. Ability to edit patches of protected libraries.
3. Possibility of resaving with samples patches of protected libraries.
4. Ability to edit password-protected scripts.
Features portable (PORTABLE) version :
1. Installation, including additional software (Service Center, Native Access, MS VS C ++ runtime), is not required.
2. All settings are saved in the program’s portable folder (the Windows registry and other system stores are not used, administrator rights are not required * ).
3. Integrated Library Manager, which provides full control over protected libraries, and also allows you to register unprotected (self-made) libraries without generating nicnt files.
4. Ability to work simultaneously with the installed version of the Contact without conflicts and with different settings.
* Requires (super)administrator rights if the portable program folder is placed in a protected system storage (for example, in Program Files) – such a location for portable programs is unnatural and not recommended.
Kontakt PORTABLE is not compatible with the NKS (Native Kontrol Standard):
1. Instruments of NKS-compatible libraries added to Kontakt PORTABLE will not appear on the screen of an NKS hardware device (Komplete Kontrol or Maschine). Accordingly, they cannot be selected, previewed and downloaded directly from the device browser, but only through the interface of the Contact itself.
2. The controls of an NKS-compatible library instrument loaded into the Kontakt PORTABLE are not automatically assigned to the controllers of the NKS device, only manually in the standard way for external MIDI devices (MIDI Learn).

What’s new
7.0.11 – 2022-09-27
ADDED A new fullscreen HiDPI Browser featuring global text search, filter by tag, brand & properties, favorite presets, import of non-Player libraries
REMOVED Database tab has now been removed and superseded by the new Browser
FIXED Kontakt plugin window would appear tiny in some hosts when HiDPI was enabled
ADDED There is now a new Psyche Delay effect
ADDED There is now a new Ring Modulator effect
CHANGED Minimum supported macOS version is now 10.15
CHANGED “Locate Libraries” has been changed to “ Manage Libraries” and redirects to Native Access
ADDED A new MIDI learn mechanism is introduced in the Automation tab
IMPROVED The Minimized View user experience has been enhanced
IMPROVED The Minimized View can now be toggled with F10
IMPROVED The Options dialog can now be called with F12
IMPROVED Octave numbers are now shown on the virtual keyboard
IMPROVED Help text now extends to the full width of the rack
ADDED The Output section now contains factory presets
FIXED In some cases Reaper would create a mono channel instead of stereo channels for Kontakt multi outputs
FIXED In some cases Cubase would crash when using certain 3rd party libraries
FIXED Group output was not saved in snapshots
FIXED Help tags of overlapping controls would be stuck
FIXED Banks did not have a default file name
FIXED Kontakt would crash when attempting to display special characters
FIXED Edit all buses did not apply to all send effects parameters
FIXED Load file dialog would display incorrect file extension
FIXED Collection of minor GUI fixes
IMPROVED In the “Saving Instrument” dialog, the “Absolute sample paths” option is now disabled by default and not persistent
FIXED When using Auto Map in the Mapping Editor, Kontakt would not interpret numerical tokens starting with zero
FIXED Zone auto mapping numeric value to single key would not set the root note
IMPROVED Maximum number of declared user zones in now increased to 1024
IMPROVED New empty groups can now also be created from the Expert tab context menu
IMPROVED Empty user zones can now be hidden in the Mapping Editor
FIXED Tape Saturator would cut out the signal with sample rates above 192khz
FIXED Output section batch creation would create surround channels instead of stereo
FIXED Kontakt would crash when forcing Wavetable parameters out of range via KSP
ADDED KSP Engine parameter for setting the LFO phase $ENGINE_PAR_LFO_PHASE
IMPROVED KSP Script errors and warnings are now more informative and consistent
IMPROVED KSP A getter function for $EVENT_PAR_MOD_VALUE_ID is added IMPROVED
KSP ui_mouse_area now responds to control parameters for Control, Alt and Shift keyboard modifiers
Russian-language user manual from Minusmaker
How to install Kontakt 7 PORTABLE:
1. Create an empty folder. The name of the folder itself and the path to it MUST NOT CONTAIN CYRILLIC. The folder MUST BE WRITTEN.
2. Run the installer KontaktPortable_v7011.exe
3. Press the Browse… button and select the created empty folder
4. Press the Extract button
How to add Kontakt 7 PORTABLE VST3 to a host (DAW)

Method 1 :
Open your host settings and add the Kontakt7Portable\Kontakt 7\x64\VST3\ folder as an additional plugin scan folder. Please refer to your DAW manual for details.
This method is suitable for hosts that do not limit themselves to scanning VST3 plugins only in the standard location (Cockos Reaper, Magix Samplitude,…)
Method 2 :
Run Kontakt7Portable\Install.exe
On the component selection page, select: created a link to the Kontakt PORTABLE VST3 plugin in the standard scan folder for VST3 plugins.

How to add Kontakt 7 PORTABLE to ProTools
Run Kontakt7Portable\Install.exe and select “Add AAX to ProTools” (on the component selection page).
How to quickly add installed libraries to Kontakt PORTABLE
How to extract libraries from official installers
How to install scattered library content in Kontakt PORTABLE

For the full operation of some libraries, it is not enough to download the library folder itself, you need to copy certain content from the library folder to one of the standard Windows folders in the user profile. Thus, some of the content of the library “scatters”, goes beyond the library folder.
The search and storage of such files in Kontakt PORTABLE is redirected from the standard folders in the user profile to the Kontakt PORTABLE folder, namely to the UserData folder, where all the user data of the Contact is located.
The general principle of installing scattered library content.
You can find out in which folder these additional files should be uploaded from the manual, from the description or discussion of the distribution.
In general terms like this:<Path to the default folder in the user profile> \ Native Instruments \rest of the path\ , where<Path to the default folder in the user profile> is either My DocumentsC:\Users\<Username>\Documents ,or Local Application DataC:\Users\<Username>\AppData\LocalWe get the path to the folder where we need to copy the files so that the library working from Kontakt PORTABLE “sees” them:
1) Replace the path to the standard folder with the path to the UserData folder:<Path to UserData folder>\ Native Instruments \rest of path\2) Native Instruments is thrown out of the path (if any):<Path to UserData folder>\remaining path\3) If the rest of the path contains “Kontakt 5” (the old library from the time of the 5th Contact), then replace it with “Kontakt”Examples of installing scattered content.Vasya is involved in the examples, who
has a user profile here: C:\Users\Vasya\
– standard folder Local application data, respectively, here: C:\Users\Vasya\AppData\Local\
– standard folder My documents, respectively, here: C:\ Users\Vasya\Documents\
– Contact is here: E:\KontaktPORTABLE\
– All of His user data of the Contact is respectively here: E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData

Drumasonic 2

Music Services – Drumasonic 2
There are 2 additional installers in the distribution.
On the topic pages we learn what these installers do:

all presets (.nka) + my_drumasonic_license.nka are copied to the folder:
C:\Users\account name\AppData\Local\Drumasonic\Data

That is, the license file my_drumasonic_license.nka must be placed in the Data folder with the rest of the nka files, then copy this entire folder to the standard folder Local application data , in our case for the installation Contact:C:\Users\Vasya\AppData\Local \Drumasonic\We replace the path to the standard folder Local Application Data with the path to the UserData folder:E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\Drumasonic\The rest of the path ( Drumasonic\ ) does not contain “Native Instruments”, so we leave it as is.
Create a folder E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\Drumasonic\ and copy the Data folder with nka files into it.
Installation completed.

Modern Animated Perception

Sample Logic – Modern Animated Percission
Information from the manual: the Presets – MAP
folder must be placed for the 6th Contact in

users/documents/Native Instruments/Kontakt

We are talking about the My Documents folder, namely:C:\Users\Vasya\Documents \ Native Instruments \KontaktWe replace the path to the standard My Documents folder with the path to the UserData folder:E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\ Native Instruments \KontaktWe remove Native Instruments from the path:E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\KontaktCopy the folder Presets – MAP to E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\Kontakt
Installation completed.

Renegade Electric Guitar

Indiginus Samples – Renegade Electric Guitar
Information from the manual: the
Snapshots \ Renegade folder must be placed in

%USER_PROFILE\Documents\Native Instruments\User Content\Kontakt\

We are talking about the My Documents folder, namely:C:\Users\Vasya\Documents \ Native Instruments \User Content\Kontakt\We replace the path to the standard My Documents folder with the path to the UserData folder:E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\ Native Instruments \User Content\Kontakt\We remove Native Instruments from the path:E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\User Content\Kontakt\Copy the Renegade folder with snapshots to E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\User Content\Kontakt\
Installation completed.

L.A. Scoring Strings 2

L.A. Scoring Strings 2
In the distribution header we read:

from the folder “missing files” copy the contents to the directory: Documents/Native Instruments/Kontakt 5/pictures/ARC,
Documents/Native Instruments/Kontakt 5/presets/MultiScripts/ARC 1.06.nkp

Information from the distribution discussion: these are bad missing files, but there are no good ones in the distribution, but there is a link to the ARC 2.51.rar archive
We are talking about the My Documents folder, namely:
ARC folder for installed Contact 5th version should be here:C:\Users\Vasya\Documents \ Native Instruments \ Kontakt 5 \pictures\the ARC 2.51.nkp file for installed Contact 5th version should be here:C:\Users\Vasya\Documents \ Native Instruments \ Kontakt 5 \presets\MultiScripts\We replace the path to the standard My Documents folder with the path to the UserData folder:E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\ Native Instruments \ Kontakt 5 \pictures\E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\ Native Instruments \ Kontakt 5 \presets\MultiScripts\We remove Native Instruments from the paths:E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\ Kontakt 5 \pictures\E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\ Kontakt 5 \presets\MultiScripts\We replace “Kontakt 5” with “Kontakt” (we do not have the 5th, but the 6th version):E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\Kontakt\pictures\E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\Kontakt\presets\MultiScripts\Copy the ARC folder from the archive to E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\Kontakt\pictures\
Copy the ARC 2.51.nkp file from the archive to E:\KontaktPORTABLE\UserData\Kontakt\presets\MultiScripts\
Installation completed.

Solution of problems:

Black screen

Switch to programmatic rendering of the interface.
Insert after line:[Contact Application]line:QT_QUICK_BACKEND=sz:softwarein the Contact settings file:KontaktPortable\UserData\Settings.cfg

Libraries are not added to Contact’s NKS browser

Library Manager -> Settings -> Libraries -> Export to NKS Browser
VST3: swallowed and stuck notes in Reaper

Insert NoteChoke into effect chain before Contact or update Reaper to the latest version

Cubase/Nuendo does not see installed Contact, only Portable

Change the identifier (PluginId) in the plugin settings:
VST3: KontaktPortable\Kontakt 7\x64\VST3\Settings.ini,
after renaming the plugin or creating a copy of the plugin with a different name.
The renaming is necessary so that the DAW rescans the plug-in after a restart, and does not use the old plug-in information obtained from the previous scan. Instead of renaming, you can use the appropriate utilities to change the modification date of the plugin file (Kontakt 7 Portable.vst3).
In this example, the factory identifier Ni$D is replaced with Nio5 – the identifier of the modified plug-ins from the Kontakt Portable v5.8 kit

Library tools open with a red DEMO caption

Register (add) a library in the Library Manager
If the library is not added automatically after selecting a folder due to a missing/corrupted/under-downloaded registration file (nicnt-file), then manual (forced) addition will not solve the problem.
Protected libraries are only registered when automatically added.

Library not added

If the library is custom / unprotected and there is no registration file in the library delivery and, accordingly, it is not intended to be added to the Contact’s bookmarks, then it can still be added as shown in this example.
The only thing to take into account is that this method of adding should always be preceded by an automatic search, because if there are protected libraries in the folder, they will not be properly registered when added manually.

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  1. QT_QUICK_BACKEND=sz:software fixed the black screen in the Standalone. Thanks for the guide. however, the Vst3 in the DAW is still having a black screen.

    1. If you specified the path in the DAW itself, then the DAW won’t find the vst3 there, use the install in the contact folder and select only import vst3 there. You didn’t have to go into settings.ini at all.

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