Native Instruments – Massive X v1.4.3

Native Instruments – Massive X -

New generation synthesizer. Reimagined, remastered and reinvented for the next decade of sound.

Key features
The (Re-)Birth of a Legend
Reimagined, re-engineered and reincarnated – MASSIVE X is the successor to the iconic synthesizer that helped spawn entire genres.
Get everything you need to create any sound imaginable. Quickly fix difficult routes to bring your ideas to life – no matter how fantastic they may seem – and go further
than you thought with expressive, playable modulation. Imagine it, dial the number, and determine what the future looks like.
MASSIVE X will grow, adapt and evolve with regular free updates – both inspired and designed to inspire the cultures it helps create.
At the heart of MASSIVE X, you’ll find a brand new oscillator section capable of creating more variation than some entire synths, right at the source.
Choose from over 170 wavetables and 10 different wavetable readout modes – from the aggressive Gorilla family to wavetable bending, Hardsync, Formant and many more – each with its own unique sub-modes and additional controls
. Turn on two phase modulated oscillators to give extra movement to the main oscillators.
Reimagined Routing
Connect any output to any input and see what happens. The intuitive routing setup allows you to essentially rewire parts of MASSIVE X,
which means you can bypass, get feedback, and send audio any way you want. It is also possible to use modulators as sound sources to drive elements such as a comb filter.
Artists: Made for Modulation
Draw precise modulation patterns in the Artist section and assign them to parameters for complex, evolving patches or for controlled changes to your sound.
You can then use the octave remote to activate them on your keyboard, which means you get really playable modulation and a huge amount of expressive variety within a single patch.
More than superficial
Whether you’re a daytime sound engineer or a nighttime diver, switch to the skin that suits your workflow.
Save some extra CPU power under the hood with stripped down flat modes and resize MASSIVE X to suit your studio.
Create action-packed blockbuster soundtracks, sinister sci-fi soundtracks and more with KINO’s cinematic sounds.
Explore 150 presets of distorting textures, creepy drones, unnerving climbs and dramatic sound effects that will evoke tension, curiosity.

Loaded with 150 presets of pure rave energy, WAKE is not one to fall asleep on. From shrill synth leads, chaotic arpeggios,
apocalyptic impacts and ferocious subwoofers, create catastrophic tracks that will make you dive into the dark side of rave music.

From lush, shimmering soundscapes to dark, mysterious moods, FADE creates atmosphere. Discover 150 presets of ethereal pads,
changing atmospheres and fluttering arpeggios to create thrilling, reverb-drenched sounds that evoke emotion.

Create hymn and festival EDM tracks with electrifying synth leads and shocking CHARGE sequences.
Enhance your sound with MASSIVE X’s 150 customizable presets to create infectious melodies and modern hooks that dazzle the imagination from studio to stage.

BEAM comes ready to build with 150 presets of hypnotic textures, pulsing pads and ambient ambiance that will shine in your electronic tracks.
Create exciting standalone details, or use them in perfect harmony with CHARGE and BUMP to create captivating EDM sounds.

Loaded with 150 rave-ready booms, subwoofers, swells and pulses, BUMP sets everything in motion – from the cones in your speakers to the crowds at festivals.
Combine BUMP’s unforgiving presets with the new Bass Enhancer insert effect for a more powerful bass sound that’s perfect for EDM bass lines.

No fire without smoke. Run through 150 misty melodic leads, misty pads and stratospheric sounds. SMOKE hits the spot with a cloud trap, a drill, and mud hooks.
Switch between synth flavors with custom mix macros in many presets, and tweak them even further for a trippy twisted heat effect.

Glowing vintage polysynthetic sounds, buttery pads and warm bass bring the essential vibes of the 90s and 2000s to MASSIVE X.
From filtered leads to hymn organs, plucks, arps and keyboards, explore melodic R&B overtones as well as classic sounds from hip hop’s golden era.

BOUNCE contains 150 one-shot style sounds that cover everything from heavy kicks and 808s to essential trap percussion, dusty old school sounds, energetic boners and more.
From British drill to West Coast styles, from reggaeton rhythms to rumbling afrobeat, you’ll find it here.

Combine instinctive body movements and sweat with the caustic textures of concrete and steel, and the result is MECHANIX. Crispy, staccato basses battle guttural synths and abrasive rhythms
to create a frenetic aesthetic. Designed for dark rooms and long nights, these EBM industrial headphones come with a preset warm-up zone for speakers and limbs.

Sleek and seductive, these retro-futuristic sounds combine sparkling vibes with vaporwave and modern synth-pop.
With 150 presets combining phase modulation, waveform and subtractive synthesis techniques,
DRIVE creates a neon-lit soundscape of hazy leads, arpeggios and pads, the perfect backdrop for top-down late night performances.

Rhythmic and melodic – MOEBIUS contains 150 looped presets, specially designed for the mysterious fields of experimental electronics.
Sinuous clicks and chirps overlap each other to create a mind-blowing set of digital patterns. Using the Performer and other synchronized modulation sources,
these pulsating sounds can be endlessly tweaked and transformed to create unique intricate rhythms and textures.

It’s called PULSE for a reason. Make the floor shudder with deep-sea subs, aggressive and distorted lines, loquacious formants and futuristic interpretations of budget classics.
Hollow, swinging subwoofers add extra flair, organic analog rumble adds some vintage touch, and physical modeling style mechanical sounds create a truly distinctive bass.

150 peak time presets designed for serious, melodic entertainment from left to right. Budget patches cover everything from aggressive EDM and acid to IDM and bass music.
Characteristic and customizable leads take care of the melody, while smart artist programming creates dancefloor-friendly sounds that will get you moving.
Rush is all about euphoric melodies, building tension and high octane vibes.

Ambient, magical, dark and arcane – SCENE contains 150 presets to create breathtaking atmospheres and changing soundscapes.
Sequenced, multi-timbral and complex sounds are just as suitable for avant-garde scoring as they are for custom electronic music and SFX creation.
Each one is equipped with clever macro photography to create sonic sculpture within a single patch.

150 clean house vibe presets covering everything from prophetic organs to acid lines; high-energy punches to consistent deception.
A tribute to the long nights and the euphoric vibes of the dance floor for energizing the whole evening.

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