Native Instruments – Reverb Classics v1.4.2 VST, VST3, AAX x64

reverbs in history – powerful additions to any production toolbox.
REVERB CLASSICS faithfully recreates two famous hall reverbs that have shaped the sound of music since the 1980s. Brought to life by Softube, the RC 24 and RC 48 have a rich, harmonious character that gives every mix a stunning dimension.
The interface is ultra-intuitive to use, and the first-of-its-kind visual display lets you see the reverb shape for instant tuning with great visual feedback. Whether it’s adding depth and texture or translating sound into a sound design space, REVERB CLASSICS adds its famous sonic signature to any piece. Both effects work as standalone plug-ins in any DAW and integrate perfectly with MASCHINE.

Main characteristics
The three reverb algorithms in the RC 24 create incredible halls with amazing fidelity – up to 12-bit transducers.
The RC 24 refines the texture of tracks to perfection while retaining their original harmonics – a lush reverb with extremely long tails and impressive sound design.
TheRC 48 is inspired by the undisputed king of hall reverb. Rich, detailed and sophisticated sound that adds a golden hue to acoustic instruments and vocals.
The two algorithms deliver truly flexible, studio-grade reverbs with a harmonious musical sound that has been featured on countless game, TV and movie soundtracks, as well as gold and platinum hits.
How to install (WINDOWS)
0.Delete previous versions.
1.Install the software.
2.Go to “%COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\Native Instruments\Service Center\”.
If “NativeAccess.xml” is not there, copy the included “NativeAccess.xml” there.
If there is “NativeAccess.xml”, check its size.
If yours is smaller than the one provided, copy ours ( yours must be old to overwrite )
3.Use Keygen to register.

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