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Percussion and melodic instruments. A modern take on traditional instruments.

Access the rich traditions of Arabic, Turkish and Persian music and enrich your works with a fascinating musical heritage. Create authentic-sounding traditional soundscapes or add unique textures to modern tracks.

Add an authentic Middle Eastern flavor to your compositions using a wide range of carefully selected percussion, melodic and string instruments.

This collection includes 15 percussion instruments ranging from goblets and frame drums to miniature tea drums and finger cymbals. Play them individually or as part of a well-balanced ensemble. Use the advanced groove player to quickly create a track using editable patterns and fills, then adjust groove, feel and intensity. Create an instantly recognizable atmosphere or create contemporary rhythms with Middle Eastern influences.

Immediately transport your listeners to countries located between East and West with authentic melodic instruments. Choose from nine wind and string instruments. Create distinctive Middle Eastern sound using quarter tonal scales and traditional settings. Create tracks quickly using a variety of customizable phrases to suit traditional or modern genres.

Expand your audio spectrum. The string group includes two violins, viola and cello, recorded by a renowned ensemble from Istanbul. Choose a phrase to start building a track or spark inspiration for your own playing. Change the phrase if necessary. Choose an alternative scale to give your composition a traditional character. Adjust the group mix to achieve the right balance for your production.

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