Native Instruments – Transient Master v1.4.2 VST, VST3, AAX x64

TRANSIENT MASTER is indispensable for mixing drums, guitars, piano , plucked instruments – everything that has an internal attack. This gives you another axis to work with. In addition to panning left and right, you can precisely position elements at the start or end of a mix without manipulating volume levels.

Main characteristics
Bring sounds from the back of the mix to the front
Enhance drum and percussion attack
Fix muddy recordings or reduce reverb
Based on a favorite studio instrument, the TRANSIENT MASTER is a must-have dynamic effect – uniquely powerful, deceptively simple and extremely useful. This is a handy drum and percussion positioning tool, allowing you to mix from front to back and dial in just the right amount of space.
The TRANSIENT MASTER is also a mix fix for troublesome recordings and with just three controls – Attack, Sustain and Gain – it’s fast and easy to use. Shape your sound and make TRANSIENT MASTER your secret spice to your mix.
How to install (WINDOWS)
0.Delete previous versions.
1.Install the software.
2.Go to “%COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\Native Instruments\Service Center\”.
If “NativeAccess.xml” is not there, copy the included “NativeAccess.xml” there.
If there is “NativeAccess.xml”, check its size.
If yours is smaller than the one provided, copy ours ( yours must be old to overwrite )
3.Use Keygen to register.

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