Nextmidi – Divisimate v1.3.5

Divisimate is a standalone application designed to work with any DAW of your choice, or for live performances using any instrument.
The program creates 32 virtual MIDI ports that you can select as an input for any instrument in your sequencer, which allows you to “multiply” the parts in the project due
to the internal unique engine, saving on system resources and the number of tracks and instruments.
When you customize a template, this allows Divisimate to address each tool individually. The Divisimate then interprets your MIDI input and distributes the parts according to your

Add. information
Choose the number of voices you want to play and break the chords into individual musical notes. Choose from three different Divisi modes that change the way notes are allocated to voices.
In Matrix, you can freely assign each voice to 32 output ports. You can also define the melody and lower bass range on the keyboard, which can be routed without the influence of the divisi engine. Each voice can be assigned to any port at the same time, allowing you to duplicate the same note in unison or octaves across multiple instruments. MIDI #CC will be mirrored to all active ports.
Once the notes have been assigned to their output ports, there are several plugins you can use to change the output.
With Transposer you can transpose notes up or down several semitones or octaves. It can work in either chromatic mode or a fully customizable global gamut.
Incorporate Divisimate into your personal workflow the way you want. Whether you want to control your entire template or only use it for certain tools is up to you. Options to bypass the matrix or disable all outputs allow you to use the Divisimate effortlessly along with the usual track-by-track workflow.
You can save any orchestration in a preset for later use. The ” Perform ” page allows you to organize your favorite presets and instantly switch between them. A remote control app is available to put your orchestrations and your most important controls at your fingertips.
By switching between presets, you can quickly play different parts of your arrangement. Of course, you are not limited to specific ensembles or instruments. Get creative by combining synths, instrument samples and create your own color palette for your project.
New in version
Changes in Divisimate 1.3.5:
Improved: Divisimate can now load and automatically convert legacy XML-format Presets into the new format
Fixed: Divisimate would not reliably export Performances including presets located outside of the standard preset folder
Fixed: Transposer would not permanently remember range exclusion settings upon closing and reopening of plugin in some cases
Fixed: Divisimate no longer permanently blocks preset and routing changes following hanging notes related to some plugin operations
Fixed: In Bypass-Mode the Analysis Time no longer introduces unwanted latency
Fixed: Legacy XML-Preset files located outside of the default presets folder that were assigned to the performance would not be automatically converted to the new format
Fixed: A rare crash upon closing Divisimate that lead to global settings not being saved properly
Fixed: A rare crash related to a large number of Repeaters running in unsynced mode
Fixed: Activation issues regarding certificates on some some older MacOS versions were resolved
Added: Manual tools for offline activation with the help of our customer support

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