NUGEN Audio – Plugins Collection

NUGEN Audio products provide market-leading precision and unlimited creativity in any situation, providing a direct and intuitive way to work with sound. The company’s tools make it easy to create high quality, custom audio while saving time, reducing costs and preserving the creative process.

Included plugins
❖ AB Assist v1.3.1.0 : A tool to quickly compare two audio clips. It could be two different takes, two mix revisions, two master versions, two plugin versions, or something else!
❖ Aligner v1.1.0.6 : An automatic phase and polarity alignment tool designed to speed up the daily workflow of audio engineers.
❖ Halo Downmix v1.5.0.0 : Enables precise downmixing, surround balancing, mix monitoring, and complex stereo folding. The glue that holds your workflow together, allowing you to create surround and stereo sound with ease and without compromise.
❖ Halo Upmix v1.7.0.4: Tune your surround mix to perfection. With its unique center channel control, including switchable dialogue extraction, Halo Upmix is ​​ideal for all types of productions, from archive and television restoration to full-blown 7.1 feature films.
❖ Halo Vision v1.1.0.0 : Customizable real-time visual analysis package. A variety of modules give audio professionals a clearer understanding of every aspect of sound, allowing them to make accurate and confident decisions and troubleshoot problems, as well as pinpoint problem areas that might otherwise be missed by hearing alone.

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