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Oeksound soothe

Oeksound soothe2 – plug-in for suppressing resonances
Sound processing plug-in developer Oeksound has released soothe2, a program designed to suppress unwanted resonant frequencies. The plugin combines heuristic search algorithms with filtering methods and does not degrade the final sound. The program can be used to work with synthesizers, guitars, voice and many other instruments.
Oeksound soothe2 allows you to listen to the frequencies that will be removed from the track and has a number of settings to select the desired range and level of impact on the sound. The program is able to perceive a signal in the entire frequency spectrum and can automatically catch and suppress unwanted midrange / high-frequency resonances, rumble and dirt in the low frequencies. For more flexible settings, soothe2 provides controls for changing the processing speed, quantitative mixing of the clean and processed signal, side / chain, mid / side section, as well as hard and soft modes.
Spiff allows you to reduce or increase transients (aka transients) with “extreme” detail. It analyzes the incoming signal and applies processing only to those sections that contain information about transients. The rest of the signal remains as it was originally.
Applications include softening speech, hard consonants, clicks, and “p” sounds. Enabling the “boost” mode turns the Spiff into a transient amplifier. It requires minimal configuration to work, but if you want to make certain improvements, then you can do this by adjusting the advanced parameters.
In addition, the visual part of the plugin is well designed for convenient control.

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