Orange Tree Samples – Evolution Steel Strings 1.1.68 (KONTAKT)

Update for Evolution Steel Strings (see spoiler New in version)
Until now, if you wanted a realistic acoustic guitar in your tracks , the only serious option was to use a real guitarist. Numerous sample libraries and virtual instruments have come and gone, which in principle proclaimed realism, but far from fully realized it.
At best, they can be used to fill in a guitar part in a technical pre-production that later had to be replaced with a real guitar performance. They were all buried in the mix, not accentuated. Introducing Evolution Steel Strings, an acoustic guitar sample library that will change your understanding of what can be done to simulate a MIDI based guitar.

Evolution Steel Strings represents a breakthrough in acoustic guitar sampling. No other acoustic guitar sample library or virtual instrument has achieved this level of realism. From individual notes to chords, Evolution Steel Strings uses a combination of sampling, scripting and physical modeling to give you amazingly simple sample library playability with results so realistic that you can use them in final production with confidence.

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New in version
1. Strumming pattern bug fix.
The last update we released allowed strumming patterns to sync with tempo changes. Unfortunately it also introduced a bug where, depending on the timing of the pattern keys, it would occasionally skip a beat in the pattern, causing the playback to sound consistently out of sync.
2. New guitar cabinet model.
We took the opportunity to add a new guitar cabinet to the collection called “1×12 Rattlesnake”. This particular cabinet is a model Carlos Santana is known for playing.

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