Plugin Alliance & ADPTR Audio – SCULPT v.1.0.5 VST, VST3, AAX x64

PluginAllianceADPTRAudio SCULPT

SCULPT is constructed on the basis of four dynamic modules working in parallel. Combined, these modules form an unrivaled workhorse of dynamics, tone, and transient shaping.
New generation dynamic processing.
SCULPT by ADPTR AUDIO represents the future of dynamic and tonal control. Designed for group and master busses, SCULPT allows you to carefully and cleanly modify your sounds in ways other processors simply cannot. It is based on the amazingly transparent “Upward Compressor”, the more traditional “Downward Compressor”, and the powerful “SCULPT” Tonal and Transient sections. Use it to add refinement to mix masters and busses, or to enhance certain elements within samples, stems, and instrument groups.

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Four modules working in parallel.
SCULPT is built around four dynamic modules that work in parallel. The Upward Compression module offers an unusual twist on dynamic control with greater transparency, while the high-quality Downwards Compression offers more traditional dynamic control. The one-of-a-kind Tone SCULPT module emphasizes or suppresses certain aspects of your sound, while the Transient SCULPT module manipulates the beginning of each sound for precise control of its sonic “skin”. Each module has its own mute, solo, and out indicator so you can see and hear how they affect your sound.

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