Plugin Boutique – Scaler 2 2.6.0 VSTi, VSTi3, AU [WIN,MacOS]

Scaler is a unique and inspiring MIDI effect tool that makes finding chords and progressions intuitive and fun! With note detection, scale selection, and chord suggestion, Scaler is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use tool to help everyone create better music. The first of its kind, Scaler can detect which key and scale you’re working in and suggest chords that fit your music. With a built-in bank of over 1,700 scales and keys, including genres and artist presets, Scaler has just enough to keep you inspired.

What’s new in version 2.6
– New trap bass sound
– New chord sets (trap and punk)
– New multi-bar strum patterns
– Additional positions in the guitar chord table
– New Collapse Motion option in the Suggest Chords popup
Other Improvements
– Fixed an issue showing the wrong number of detected chords/notes.
– The DAW-Sync setting now syncs correctly with other instances
– Show Bass/Inversion Setting now correctly updates chord names
– Resolved an issue with dragging chords onto itself
– Preventing the welcome screen from reappearing when changing some settings
– Added a new option to remove duplicate chords in the panel detection
– Improved handling of unison chords and single notes in the detection panel
– Added the ability to add a placeholder for unknown chord chart positions.
– Prevent files from being overridden by the save function.
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What’s new in version 2.6.0?
New Trap Bass Sound
New Chord Sets (Trap and Punk)
New Multi-Stroke Stroke Patterns
Additional Guitar Chord Chart Positions
New ‘Minimise Movement’ Option in the Suggest Chords Popup
Other Improvements
Resolved an Issue Showing an Incorrect Number of Chord/Notes Detected
DAW-Sync Setting Now Properly Synchronises to Other Instances
Show Bass/Inversion Setting Now Updates the Chord Names Properly
Resolved an Issue With Dragging and Dropping Chords Onto Themselves
Prevent the Welcome Screen from Reappearing When Changing Some Settings
New Option Added to Remove Duplicate Chords In Detect Panel
Improved Handling of Unison Chords & Single Notes In Detect Panel
Added Ability to Add Placeholder for Unknown Chord Chart Positions
Prevent Save Function from Overriding Files.

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