[Profileschool / Arthur Orlov] Working with sound in iZotope RX 8 Advanced


Working with sound in iZotope RX 8 Advanced (2021)Year of manufacture: 2021

Profileschool Manufacturer’s site: profileschool.ru Author: Arthur
Orlov Duration: 12 hours
Type of material distributed: Video tutorial
Language: Russian Description: iZotope RX 8 will allow you to improve the quality of your sound – speech and vocals, musical instruments and sound design in a few clicks. RX works as a standalone program and as an addition to modern audio and video editing systems and DAW. Tired every time to Google “how to remove noise”, “how to remove vocals from the song”, “how to restore sound”, “how to remove clicks and drool”? There is a solution! RX 8 is a pumped “Photoshop” for sound, which works both in automatic mode and in manual mode, when you need full control over processing. At the same time, it easily integrates with all modern programs for working with sound and video, and its tools work on both win and mac. The tools are designed in such a way that you get the result without going into the theory and technology of the process. Ideally, when you need speed and efficiency, but there is no time to study tons of material on the theory and physics of sound.On the course you will get practice in the program with an individual assessment of your success and analysis of errors, learn to listen and think when choosing a particular tool, understand a clear sequence of actions in each case. The materials include both ordinary speech and vocals, as well as musical instruments, creating exclusive sound special effects for your work. Passing the training, you will receive not only knowledge, but also the experience accumulated by the teacher, consolidation of knowledge in practice with verification of your works and recommendations on what to finish and how.


Introduction to the program

  1. Izotope RX Advanced package and difference from other offerings
  2. Overview of the interface and audio analysis tools
  3. Navigation
  4. Izotope RX works with other programs
  5. Izotope RX Plugins
  6. Program settings for convenient and fast work
  7. Audio recording in Izotope RX
  8. Save an RX file and project

Online consultation

  1. Homework review
  2. Answers to questions

Restoration tools

  1. Logic and stages of work during restoration
  2. Automatic sound enhancement and processing
  3. Distortion recovery (remove overload and clipping)
  4. Single click removal, algorithms, and automatic modes
  5. Removal of hum, network noise and low-frequency interference
  6. Remove clicks in speech and dialogs
  7. Control the level of breathing (sounds of sighing) in the voice
  8. Correct “explosive” consonants
  9. Remove multiple clicks in automatic mode (old recordings, vinyl)
  10. Remove strong short clicks

Online consultation

  1. Homework review
  2. Answers to questions

Working with voice

  1. Aligning hissing sounds and sibilants in speech
  2. We weaken the sounds of rustling (clothes, etc.)
  3. Clean the recording from the “blowing” of the microphone (wind noise)
  4. Ways to remove broadband noise in voice and instruments
  5. Spectral noise removal algorithm
  6. Pulling speech and tools out of the noise
  7. Separation of different signals by Deconstruct module
  8. Generate ambient sounds and noises
  9. “Photoshop” for sound (Fine work in spectral mode)
  10. Attenuation of reverberation
  11. Equalization and work with frequency balance
  12. Adjusting the spectrum to the standard
  13. Change the speed and pitch of the signal
  14. Mixing module and work with Mid/Side

Online consultation

  1. Homework review
  2. Answers to questions

Effects and Automation

  1. Recovery of spectrum and lost frequencies
  2. Correct the floating pitch of the sound (cassettes, records, etc.)
  3. Automatic volume leveling
  4. Analyze and work with total volume, how to achieve compliance with volume standards
  5. Fade and handmade with levels
  6. Guitar De-noise – guitar processing
  7. Conversion Sample Rate
  8. Balancing, removing (highlighting) vocals and other elements in the mix
  9. Using external effects in RX
  10. Dithering and neusscheping
  11. Quick use of the effect chain
  12. Batch processing of files
  13. Signal generator in RX
  14. Processing in Сomposite mode
  15. Application of Izotope RX for sound design and creation of special effects

Online consultation

  1. Homework review
  2. Answers to questions

Sample Files:
There is
Video Format: MKV Video: AVC; 1920×1080; 16:9; 24 fps; 1361 Kbps
Audio: AAC 2.0; 44.1 kHz; 317 Kbps; 2 channels

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