Pulsar Audio – Pulsar Massive v.1.0.8 R2R VST, VST3, AAX x64

The most complete passive equalizer plugin. Musical and intuitive, an indispensable tool for mixing and mastering.
Pulsar Massive emulates the Manley Massive Passive* EQ found in almost every mastering studio in the world. This machine has been developed as a synthesis of the best passive EQs of the last 70 years, and several distinctive design features give it an absolutely unique sound.
First, a fully parallel EQ topology gives a completely different response to a digital EQ with the same settings. Parallel equalizer tonal adjustments do not add up but tend to interact with each other, resulting in a more intuitive and smoother way of shaping the frequency spectrum.
Also, the entire original equipment equalization circuit is passive and therefore has multiple inductors. These inductors, specially machined and wound by the manufacturer, are responsible for the creamy, non-linear and organic sound due to the magnetic saturation they introduce.
Finally, the input, output and internal amplification stages are all tube and transformer driven, providing another step of warm and organic coloration.
Our software carefully reproduces all these important aspects of the original equipment, but also offers an interface inspired by its ergonomics, which has been highly appreciated by users.
But we’ve taken the Pulsar Massive even further, adding all the key features you’d expect from a modern, versatile EQ plugin, including visual curve editing for fast workflow and a drive option to boost the inductor and tube saturation stages for more vibration.

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