Schaack Audio Technologies – QuadraChor 1.0.1 VST x64

SchaackAudioTechnologies QuadraChor -

QuadraChor, developed in collaboration with renowned trance DJ and producer Sean Tyas, takes chorus to a whole new level. Inspired by what is considered one of the most distinctive and powerful hardware choruses, we bring you a plug-in that is sure to be your next step towards chorus, turning even the simplest single sawtooth wave into a sound so big and wide that you will be surprised. If you really need the unison/hyper-saw/super-saw generator again.
• Makes your sound wider, bigger, better
• Developed in collaboration with Sean Tyas
• Inspired by one of the most popular choruses in the hardware world
• Smoothly resizable interface
• Low CPU usage (typically less than 1% on modern systems)

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