Schaack Audio Technologies – Transient Shaper 2.6.3 VST x64

SchaackAudioTechnologies TransientShaper

Transient Shaper allows you to shape the dynamics with only two knobs, which makes it uniquely simple and fast
to use – while its sound manipulation scale varies from gate to compressor.
V2.x has analog saturation, 3 attack shapes and 3 release shapes.
• Makes the sound louder, gives it expressiveness and brightness.
• Ideal for individual or stacked drum/percussion shaping.
• Unique two-button handling features not available with any other type of gear.
• Processed sound ranges from gate to compressor.
• Excellent gate replacement (sounds smoother).
• 3 different attack forms and 3 different release forms.
• Saturation to cut off and smooth out too high transients (generated when using strong attack).
• Resizable GUI (minimized by clicking in the upper left corner).
• Low CPU usage (usually less than 1% on decent systems).
v2.6.0 changes:
• Apple Silicon support added.
• Drive LED now works properly.
• Fixed compatibility issues with macOS Catalina & higher.

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